Fashion Faux Pas: Why You Should Never Be Brand Loyal

Posted October 8, 2019 by in Fashion
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Reinventing your look? Maybe you’re cleaning out your whole wardrobe and want an entirely new style. But can you do both of these things by sticking to your tried and tested brands? Chances are, you can’t.

You’ve gotten to a place where you’re bored with your clothes, you’re bored with what you see when you fling open the doors to your wardrobe. This is exactly why you should never give loyalty to any one brand.

When you become infatuated with brands, you sometimes fail to see their shortcomings. You begin to think differently and almost mould yourself to their style. Whatever releases they have for spring, summer, autumn and winter, don’t require you to ‘fall in line’.

The more we consider and explore our own tastes, we find ourselves drifting further and further away from the concept of brand loyalty. And that’s a good thing.

Play the field

Not being loyal to any brand doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a member of their loyalty programs. Of course, you should. If you love fashion and style, you’ll be buying a lot of pieces all throughout the year. Far better to get them cheaper by flashing your membership card online or in-store. However, the whole point of not being loyal to a brand is that you play the field.

Explore different chic and designer brands you or your friends have never heard of. Wouldn’t you like to be the one person in your group of friends that are wearing something the others haven’t seen before? Become a leader in style and stop being a follower. It’s more of a mental separation than anything else.

The next time you are making a purchase for a pair of sunglasses, a crop top, a dress or some heels, don’t go to the online brand you normally would. Perform a Google search and look for a brand you’ve never heard of and give them a chance at your business.

The chic and unique

The trouble with large brands is, they don’t often have the guts to be innovative. They will take their lead from fashion shows some of the time but most likely, they see unique designs as a business risk. Have you ever seen a brand release a chic product only to have it taken off the website or cancelling the orders of it for their stores? It’s sad to admit but large brands like Nike, Burberry, ASOS, Emporium and others lack the bravery of small designer brands.

It’s time for you to step out into the wild and go for one of these brands. Take a look on Net Voucher Codes and go in the women’s fashion category. Look for a free delivery discount code for the designer brand Tessuti. This brand makes unique chic products for women. Their products have an urban and country mixture of style and fit. From 100% cotton, Calvin Klein tracksuits to Armani Exchange coated skinny jeans, they do a lot of different products unique to their online store.

Changing style and experimenting

When you’re going through a phase whereby most if not all of your wardrobe doesn’t represent who you are anymore, you’re bound to want to experiment. Why would you keep going back to the brands you’re that made you feel that way? It’s better to make a clean break and truly start to experiment. When you do, you’ll realize that true style doesn’t always mean spending the most money.

Go into thrift and charity stores, go to local markets and buy clothes that suit who you are. Fashion is something that melts away every few months, but finding your style is something that will last a lifetime. If you’re going to experiment then you can’t do so with high-end brands that charge you a lot. 

The ethics matter

Nowadays ethics and fashion go together. It’s an enormously important subject for the modern fashion-conscious person. Where do your products come from? Who made them? What are they made from? Even Nike has come under a lot of scrutiny for these things. You should always check out the ethics of the brands you love and see if they really reflect your views on animal cruelty and fair work for fair pay.

Brand loyalty cards are something you should get, but your personal loyalty is not something you should give to any brand. When you want to experiment and find your new style, you have to forget about the brands that brought you to that point. Start playing the field and look for small designer brands so you can start leading instead of following fashion trends. 

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