Find Ways Different Wines Can Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Posted November 19, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Wine? Health? Together? Sounds bizarre! Of course, it does seem oddly funny because all that you’ve ever heard about alcohol surely doesn’t fall in the health category. Well, prepare yourself to dwell in the world of wine and health. Your mind is about to be blown from the facts and truths of this not-so-common duo.

Following the same hectic routine, working to meet ends, and exhausting yourself at the end only to search for buy wine online to relax your nerves. Why? Because it seems to be the only thing working for you. The first sip goes through your throat and instantly makes your body calm, relax your mind, and uplifts your mood.  However, once your ‘me time’ is over, the guilt of gulping down alcohol washes away your pleasures. 

Now, you don’t need to feel like a health culprit anymore. :p moderate wine can genuinely complement a healthy lifestyle! 

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle Anyway?

It really depends on your body. But in general, anything that can make you feel good and alive is definitely healthy. So be it a glass of red wine, a shot of vodka, or a bottle of whiskey, if it makes you happy, it’s perfect for including in your routine. The common idea of a healthy lifestyle looks something like this:

  • Daily 1 hour workout
  • Regular job 
  • Portion controlled diet
  • Weekly cheat days
  • A glass of alcohol at the parties only

And, repeat. But here’s how you can modify it to make it YOUR healthy lifestyle:

  • Even a 15 minute Leslie walk is fine
  • Taking a vacation is mandatory
  • Eat what makes you happy
  • Every fun day is a cheat day
  • One glass a day keeps bad vibes away

 So, now the question arises when to drink wine for health? Or, to be precise, for the best health? Well, there are quite some unusual ways to incorporate wine into daily life. In fact, drinking wine at night or during the day has different benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s find out.

Drinking Wine During Day

Whether you drink during the day or night, the quantity and intention you consume it with really matters. The moderate amount for the sake of pleasure and joy can help you kick start your day. Here are some benefits to drink wine in the morning:

  • Red mine might help improve memory (LiveScience)
  • You can taste the divine flavors and subtle wine notes on an empty palate
  • Enhance your breakfast experience. Pair it with donuts, pancakes, or salami
  • Start your day with a relaxing and stress-free mind

Drinking Wine At Night

Wine is more than just a party drink that you can only enjoy on an expensive date or night out. In fact, you can just have a wine glass every now and then at night in your home to enjoy it to the fullest. Just as drinking wine during the day has its perks, having it at night has its fair share of advantages. Here are some:

  • Red wine at night might remove the urge of late-night snacking
  • It can help induce better sleep
  • Enhances good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol
  • It might help with your gut and digestion problems (Nytimes)
  • White wine might help prevent kidney and cardiovascular problems

How To Drink Wine For Health?

If you constantly battle between choosing your wine bottle or a healthy lifestyle, combine both. Incorporate wine into your healthy lifestyle so that you don’t have to choose between one. The concept is to drink it like a reward and live like a dream. Only then can you enjoy the benefits of both.

Don’t worry—no need to be thinking hard about how to do that. We are here to help. Enlisted below are some ways you can use to incorporate wine into your healthy lifestyle:

#1 Food And Wine Is Always Divine 

A delicious, heavenly dinner is incomplete without wine. We agree, but drinking too much is never a good idea if you want to enjoy the boozy taste for a long time. A moderate portion of the wine is always ideal, depending on how stronger your alcohol is. Let’s read some tips to incorporate wine with your meals:

  • Follow the thumb rule (two 5oz glasses for men and one for women)
  • Note down your drinking portions and how often do you drink 
  • Be consistent with your wine drinking habits (stick to the same alcohol content every day)

#2 The More Nutritious The Wine, The Better 

Surely, every wine type has a unique flavor that gives different pleasures and benefits (healthline). But, when your goal is to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle, stick to the wine that has more benefits than others.

  • Red wine is enriched with resveratrol and antioxidants
  • Prefer to include dry red wines
  • Skip mixed wines as they might include high alcoholic content

#3 Hydration Is The Key To Drink More

Yes, lastly, if you want to incorporate wine into your lifestyle, you must increase your water intake. Only if you’re hydrated enough can you enjoy the boozy liquor in your routine. In addition, staying hydrated helps cleanse the palate, thus taking out any negativity or risky factor with the pee.

No matter how odd it sounds, it is undeniable that moderate wine can perfectly complement a healthy lifestyle. Few sips in the morning can help you start fresh, pairing wine with food can enhance the flavors, or sipping at night can help you sleep better. Moreover, it can rejuvenate your skin, make it look smoother, give a subtle charm to your personality, and so much more.

And, if nothing, you can always play some music, take a relaxing bubble bath, light some candles, and enjoy your favorite wine. All you need is a little help from the experts to help guide you in the process and routine that works best for you. Still, in the end, it all depends on you how you like it.

*Photos by Askar Abayev