Finding the Right Crystal Ring: Things You Should Know

Posted January 24, 2022 by in Fashion

Crystals are special, and wearing a crystal ring is something you may want to do. If you want a crystal ring, it’s important you put some thought into it. You need to think about it a little harder than other jewelry types as it’s important to wear a crystal that suits you and your needs. It is not necessarily only in terms of its appearance to your fingers but also its properties, meaning, and energy it emits. Every crystal ring is unique and has a different purpose and kind of natural energy. Every crystal has compositions different from each other, which also impacts the body in different manners. So, if you’re planning to wear one not just for fashion’s sake, but for something deeper, this article will really help you.

Here are four ways on how you can find the right crystal ring for you: 

Blue Stone on a Ring

1. A crystal ring that naturally draws out your attention — It is said that there’s something about crystal rings that just attracts a person with no concrete explanation. And the probable reason behind this phenomenon is that people who have a particular need are going to be attracted to a crystal that could help them achieve what they need or want in life. Meaning, if you notice a crystal ring that just captured your attention and you are in need of a particular thing that say helps with clarity, then the crystal that captivated you may actually have a clarity purpose.  

2. Choosing via Chakra — If you can’t seem to find that “natural captivating moment,” you could perhaps choose a crystal ring suitable for a chakra that you want to be opened or balanced. Chakras correspond to one of our vital bodily systems, such as our reproductive systems, digestive systems, etc. If you experience some imbalances in any system in your body, that could be your guide in choosing the right crystal ring. Each crystal emits different frequencies, and these should be matched with the right crystal. 

3. Choosing a crystal ring based on the positive things it does — Crystal rings can actually be good luck charms, and each of them has a particularly positive purpose in serving you. You might be thinking of ambition, empowerment, hope, or love — these are positive things, and there is a corresponding crystal to each of these and for other positive things that you want to happen in your life. If the two ways don’t seem to fit your choosing standards, you might as well try this method.

4. Choosing a crystal ring based on what symptoms you’d like to prevent from occurring —- Choosing crystal rings can be used for your health, particularly in helping alleviate illnesses as manifested by symptoms. As an example, those who are suffering from anxiety or troubled states of mind, can benefit from the healing properties of selenite or amethyst. Additionally to their healing properties, crystals emit uplifting and energizing vibrations that can help you relax and rejuvenate. Symptoms such as cardiovascular diseases or stress and migraines might be your basis. The good thing is, the energy emitted by that crystal might actually help you with those ailments.

Crystal rings are indeed attractive and truly enhance our appearance because the glam. But, it is also important to note that crystal rings are not just for vanity’s or fashions’ sake. Crystals have a much deeper meaning and purpose.