Fire Safety Tips for Installing a Fire Extinguisher in Commercial Buildings

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In Australia or most developed countries, fire safety is severe, as fire can ignite suddenly when you least expect them. As a commercial building owner, you must make your building as risk-free as possible as, in some cases, even a tiny spark can go on to destroy a building. Protecting the property and people of that building should be the first preference in the event of a fire. For that, they need to install sophisticated equipment to minimize the damage as well as should know related to fire safety. While it can be an overwhelming task, one should exercise the utmost care and plan with adequate provision for fire fighting equipment required for extinguishing fires in the building.

Gain sufficient provisions against fire safety risks with help from experts. Portable fire extinguishers have proven highly effective against small fires, but if the fire extinguishers are not installed correctly, it might increase the damage costs to your facility. Having the support and guidance of fire extinguisher installation companies by your side, meeting the current Australian Standards will not be a problem. What is more, if your system is not installed by a licensed and experienced fire extinguisher service engineer, insurance companies can deny the claim in fire mishaps.

Here are some essential fire safety tips for installing a fire extinguisher in a commercial building to ensure the safety of your staff and business.

Installing a fire extinguisher in your commercial building – top questions 

If you are installing a fire extinguisher on your own, ask the following questions to consider the essential aspects:

  • Which is the correct type of fire extinguisher that needs to be installed in your commercial premises?
  • Is that fire extinguisher able to cover sufficient square meterage of your place and can save the premises from fire risk?
  • Where is the fire extinguisher mounted, and which are the correct wall fixings needed to mount the extinguisher on that particular wall?
  • Will the wall fixings be able to weigh a 14 kg fire extinguisher on that wall?
  • Does the installation process require any cable or pipework to fix the fire extinguisher, or can a suitable detector be used to install it?
  • Precisely at which area or location the fire extinguisher needs to be installed, as it needs to be mounted where it is least exposed from any misuse?
  • While care should be taken to ensure the fire extinguisher is secure from any damage, how can it be made accessible and placed in a visible position to be located instantly during a fire breakup or emergency?
  • How can one cover the fire extinguisher if it is kept outside the commercial building and away from switchboards?

Note: No extinguisher should be mounted higher than 1200mm and less than 100mm.

Additional Safety Measures before Installing a Fire Extinguisher

  1. Conduct a fire risk assessment

All commercial properties need to abide by the local building codes. For that, the first thing you need to do is conduct a proper fire risk assessment by any of the certified Fire extinguisher installation companies. By contacting them, they can come up with a list of measures to help your building get certified as per Australian fire safety standards. They will identify possible risk areas, install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers per fire safety compliance, and ensure complete safety in the building.

  1. Draw up a fire safety plan

After finding the best solution, developing a comprehensive safety plan and investing in advanced fire safety technologies is vital. Deploy Fire rated doors for a complete escape route to help to minimize damage in the event of a fire. This option is one of the critical steps mandated by regulations in Australia to manage fire-related concerns effectively.

  1. Undergo proper safety training

Irrespective of the size of the building, share proper fire safety training with an effective evacuation procedure with all commercial building occupants. It is a must to take some time apart from the busy schedule and educate everyone regarding the emergency procedure and safe route. At that critical time, it should be made sure that no place in that safety route is blocked, and everyone should be aware of the outlets to let out the smoke.

As you must have seen, fire-related accidents have continuously decreased in recent years because of the latest firefighting methods installed at several commercial places to curb the consequences of a raging fire. To meet the obligatory fire and safety requirements, take the help of an expert who understands several codes of practice, especially of Australia and enforces compliance to meet its standards. They foresee fire safety concerns and, being proactive, lend the best fire safety solutions and services to avoid significant losses and costly repairs. So, take their guidance and implement fire safety tips in your commercial buildings in a streamlined manner.

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