Fitness Styles on a Budget—How to Create a Trendy Workout Wardrobe

Posted June 26, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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Fashionistas who love to work out would be more than willing to go the extra mile with their gym looks. Wouldn’t you want to look like a diva as you step in the gym or the jogging park? Even while you would want nothing but the best, spending thousands on activewear doesn’t make sense.

What you really need is a smart approach that fits the best fitness style right in your budget. Here are some cool ideas you can rely on for creating a trendy workout wardrobe without breaking the bank:

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Invest in the Basics

First things first, you will need some basics to start with. Essentially, these include some t-shirts, leggings and shorts that you would want to wear every day.  Buy the right fits and fabrics that are comfortable and easy on your skin.

When you shop activewear, quality should be the top priority because it assures durability and longevity. As you will need to wear and wash every time, durability is one factor you cannot overlook if you don’t want to spend on these outfits every few months.

Play with Color 

Once you have the basics in your wardrobe, you can go ahead and experiment. Follow the concept of capsule wardrobe with workout dressing. It is all about owning a limited number of pieces and mixing and matching them to create a different look every day.

Play with colors—teaming the basic grey and black leggings with vibrant and neon tees can make you stand apart. Surely, this is a smart idea as you end up looking like a diva without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Accessorize Smartly

When it comes to athleisure wear, you cannot ignore the importance of the right accessories. Whether it is about your gym bag, headbands, socks or innerwear, you would want them all to be incredibly stylish. For example, JustFab has the most awesome collection for you to choose from and you can subscribe to their latest fashion trends.

Accessories give you the opportunity to experiment and impress with a mix-and-match look. Follow the rule of quality-first as you shop for accessories as well.

Style up Your Feet

Perhaps the most vital element of activewear is your shoes. Invest in at least two pairs, one for running and another for the gym because you would want them to provide adequate protection and support for your feet and legs. Spending a little extra on a quality brand is a wise approach because you would want them to last over the years.

Shop in sales or from a thrift store if you are looking for some cool deals. Buying online is also a smart idea if you want to create a fashionable collection on a budget.

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Creating a fashionable workout wardrobe on a budget is simpler than it sounds, provided that you take the right approach. The best thing to do is to keep it minimalistic and simple but pick only quality stuff that lasts.

Shop from the right places and get some inspiration from your favorite celebrities and you will surely be able to nail the look.