Fitness Trends: Why Do We Like Yoga?

Posted March 23, 2017 by in Health + Fitness

36.7 million Americans practice yoga or similar activities in the US. This is about 15% of the US adult population. What is even more amazing is that the majority of these people have chosen to practice yoga, Pilates or even piyo instead of another fitness activity that may be more effective for things like weight loss and diabetes prevention. So why yoga if an activity like running may be more effective? 

Yoga has become such a big part of everybody’s life that Americans spend annually around $27 billion on yoga products. This makes yoga and its derivative activities a clear health and economic trend. But where does the passion from the American population for yoga come from?

Below are some reasons why you may want to consider adding yoga to your day:

You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

Unlike plenty of sports, yoga and similar activities, don’t require you to be a professional athlete to enjoy the workout. You can find plenty of yoga, Pilates workouts that are equally addressed to beginners, intermediates, and experts. Most movements can also be deconstructed in beginner and intermediate versions to make sure that every fitness and body type can follow the activity. Unlike running where it can seem to enjoy a good jog, 3 or more months of training is usually necessary. With yoga, you can enjoy the workout right away. This is a big change, and this is a change that makes it easier for newcomers to join and feel at ease in a yoga class.

It Offers A Change Of Lifestyle

There is no denying that people who do yoga tend to be more relaxed than those who prefer running or boxing. There’s a very good reason for it: Yoga offers the practice of self-awareness and continued growth at a level than no other sports activity can match. While most people intuitively perceive that yoga can help to reduce stress and depression, what they don’t know is that yoga actively changes the brain. Indeed, the practice of yoga is proven to protect the decline of gray matter as you age. This neurological effect happens primarily in the left hemisphere, which is associated with positive emotions and relaxation. In short, yoga can indeed help you to regulate your emotions and to feel more connected to the world around you.

It’s Affordable

But, there’s another exquisite quality to yoga that people love. Yoga is affordable. You don’t need any equipment to practice yoga, and that’s why it is easy to practice anywhere. As a result, you are free to invest in a series of nice-to-have fashion fitness gadgets and items to keep your spirit high as you train. The preferred items for yoga addicts seem to be a yoga mat, yoga pants and trendy tops that stay in place as you move.

As you don’t even need shoes to practice yoga, your sports budget can be entirely dedicated to fashion. After all, who said fashion and sport couldn’t be friends? There’s nothing more motivating than having a fitness gear that makes you look good.

Below are a few affordable yoga items that will inspire you to work out in no time: 

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