Five Easy Ways To Add A Modern Touch To Your Home

Posted July 8, 2019 by in Home

If you’re a fan of the modern interior style, it can be hard to get right; should you get rid of all your belongings? Do you have to avoid cushions and soft furnishings? How do you make your existing space look more contemporary without a full redesign?

Luckily, adding a more modern feel to your home is super easy – and we’ve come up with five great tips to set you on the right track:

Add Some Artwork

While a lot of people equate a modern style home with extreme minimalism, you don’t have to have blank walls and no belongings to make your home look beautifully contemporary – you just have to choose what you do add wisely.

Bringing artwork into your space has never been easier, especially as there are now plenty of downloadable pieces that you can simply print off at home (thank you Etsy). Look for sleek monochrome photography, metallic geometric details, and typographic prints to keep your walls looking polished and up-to-the-minute. 

Simple and minimal artwork

Brighten Your Walls

There’s nothing more modern than a beautiful, crisp white wall – so grab that paintbrush! Try to avoid Brilliant White, as this becomes glaring and can end up with a slightly blue tone to it. Instead, opt for slightly off-white shades, and look for a silk or eggshell finish – these are far more forgiving if your walls are uneven or bumpy, and they’re also easy to wipe clean. White walls are great for using as a backdrop to any artwork you might be putting up – and there’s also the added bonus that you won’t need to change the color if you decide to change your interior style!

Five Easy Ways To Add A Modern Touch To Your Home

Replace Your Flooring

Although they’re warm and comfortable in the winter, carpets tend to look slightly outdated – there’s nothing more modern looking than a sleek, bare floor. A polished concrete floor is a perfect addition to any contemporary style home; not only does it require no waxing and is easy to clean, but the smooth surface also absorbs any light and illuminates the room by a further 30%.

It’s available in a range of colors and finishes, so there’s something to match every room in your house.

Modern concrete floor!

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

While you don’t have to throw everything away, it’s true that clutter is the main enemy of a modern-style home. Take the time to go through every room in your house – particularly children’s rooms – and sort things into piles that you want to keep, give to the thrift stores or send for recycling.

Anything that isn’t currently used should be placed in labeled boxes, and stored in either an attic or garage and out-of-season clothing could be kept tucked under beds in vacuum pack bags.

Five Easy Ways To Add A Modern Touch To Your Home

Choose Minimal Furniture

One of the best ways to capture that contemporary look is to choose modern, minimal-style furniture; from sofas and tables to storage and shelving, look for clean lines and simple handles to avoid a fussy look.

Televisions and entertainment systems can be kept out of sight in cabinets, and any wires can be tucked away in cable tidies – this not only looks far nicer, but it also means that any loose cables aren’t left as a safety hazard

Sleek modern chair

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