Five Great Careers For Artistic Souls

Posted February 27, 2016 by in Career

People always seem to aspire to the same careers. Doctor, lawyer, vet, accountant. But what if your brain isn’t wired up for science or math? If you are more artistically minded, a more creative career path may be best for you. Not sure what creative jobs are out there? Here is my round-up of five of the best careers for creative types.


Apart from arts or design teachers, this may not strike you as the most artistic career. But you can make the job super creative if you want, and if you’re looking for inspiration, you don’t have to look any further than Travis Preston, who uses his theatre background to teach many different subjects. If you are teaching younger kids, you can plan lessons that involve coloring in or cutting and sticking. If the kids you’re teaching are older, you can still keep things on the arty side. If your subject permits, try some role playing or see if you can incorporate music into the lessons.

Interior Designer

People who don’t want to decorate themselves call in interior designers. So if you are always flicking through interior design magazines, then maybe this is the career for you. As an interior designer you’ll need to know all the latest styles and fashions, so you will have to keep an eye on all the latest decor trends.

If you love designing, but don’t fancy the practical side of decorating, you could team up with a friend. You can do the designing while your friend does the decorating.

Director of Advertising

Are you a fan of Mad Men? If you fancy yourself as the next Don Draper, then try and forge a career in the advertising world. The job requires lots of creative and artistic thinking as you’ll have to come up with inventive copywriting on a daily basis.

If you get promoted all the way up to the director, you’ll be in charge of entire advertising campaigns and will have a team of designers under your wing.


Are you a great storyteller? Consider putting your ideas on paper; then see if you can develop the ideas into a full-length novel. Then, get in touch with a publisher to see if they like your idea enough to commission it.

To do this, your novel doesn’t have to be completely finished, but the publisher might ask for a partly finished manuscript to read. If writing an entire novel seems too much, start off writing poetry or short stories. Once you have a few, you could approach publishers about publishing a collection.

Set Dresser

For those of you who fancy working on the stage, but don’t have the confidence for acting, why not try set dressing? For this job, you’ll be responsible for creating the background sets for each play in a theater. You’ll have to source various props and decorations depending on the production. You will need a really strong creative flair and you must also know how colors work together. It’s like being an interior designer, but instead of a house, you’re decorating a stage!

So where will your creativity take you?