Five Ideas For a Memorable Hen Party in 2020

Posted March 13, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Hen party

Some of the most interesting, exciting, and hilarious nights of the year are those in which you see off one of your friends into the world of married life. Before the wedding, a Hen Party is something that all of the bridesmaids look forward to, with close friends coming together for a special night of hijinks and fun that pays homage to the friendship that you’ve maintained with your friend.

In this article, you’ll learn five different ideas to make your next Hen Party full of fun and laughter from start to finish:

Five Ideas For a Memorable Hen Party in 2020

Escape Rooms

Prepare for hilarity. You and other party attendees will be locked into a room for a certain amount of time, during which you’re asked to solve a number of clues to secure your escape. With shrieking laughter permeating some heated discussions about where you should search next for clues to aid in your escape, this is fast becoming one of the Hen Party classics.

You can even get some budget party supplies and have a blast wearing those all while trying to escape! Check out for those.


If you’re all a little beyond the drinking and partying phase in life, there’s nothing better than booking yourselves into a hotel on the outskirts of town and binging on their luxurious spa facilities. From the sauna and steam room to fancy massages that’ll get you all limber and flexible, this little retreat is perfect for the days preceding the wedding, at which you’ll all be at your luminous best, thanks to the treatments you receive in the spa. 


Back to the noise of the city, let’s think about nightclubs and bars. When you’re a large group on a Hen Party outing, you need to make absolutely sure you’re going to be able to get into venues – and that you’re all going to get the VIP treatment when you’re there. Check out the hottest spots in town, famous for their Hen Party deals, offers, and hospitality, in order to book yourselves into a night of fun and festivities, with your own private area to enjoy within a club pulsing with music and energy. 

If the bride-to-be wants to go wild for her hen party, then maybe going to a male strip club is up her alley. Check them out!


A little less pampered than the spa, but perhaps a little more spiritual, a camping trip might take you back to your younger days if you spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors.

Think back to how you would head off with your friends in the outback with backpacks and tents ready to sit around a fire all night singing songs, reminiscing, and eating food you’ve cooked over an open flame. Why not revisit these happy memories with your very own camping trip? If you’re a little more precious about comfort, you can turn it into a glamping trip, too. 

Road Trip

Book yourself a private bus, a limo or a set of cars, and drive across the country in search of adventure. If you’re all able to set aside a long weekend for your Hen Party, you can drive to the nearest surfing destination, boards in tow, and have a surfing expedition with your nearest and dearest as the Hen Party of your choosing – the perfect way to usher your sea-loving friend into marriage. 

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These are just five ideas to get you thinking about the next Hen Party you’ll be involved in planning in 2020.

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