Five Tips to Look Classy at a Corporate Event

Posted December 1, 2019 by in Career
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If you are preparing for a corporate event, it is crucial for you to go the extra mile to look classy. The traditional idea is to dress formally for corporate events. However, if you want to give a different vibe to people, you must come up with something interesting to wear. In this article, I will guide you through a few tips that you need to keep in mind to look classy for a corporate event.

Keep in mind, the market is flooded with lucrative offers, and you never know when you come across a clicking job opportunity at a corporate event. Following is a list of tips you must put into perspective:

corporate event attire

  1.     Wear confidence more than clothes

To look classy, you must wear confidence on your sleeves. Since you’re getting ready for a corporate event, this means you will come across a lot of veteran professionals and senior people at the event. Make sure you smile when meeting everyone and communicate smoothly. Don’t be afraid of meeting senior people for they are professionals with hands-on experience in their jobs and no aliens.

Young and naïve professionals often get overwhelmed whey they attend large corporate events for the first time and often lose confidence when trying to network.

  1.     Choose the right outfit

Most corporate events feature formal outfits. If you have a smart tuxedo, there’s no harm in wearing it to the event. However if you don’t have it, there are always other options to lean on. Open your wardrobe and pull out a new piece of a three-piece suit for the event. If the meeting is in the evening, the better option is to wear dark colors and refrain from wearing anything that sparkles or gives shine.

Once you’re ready, don’t forget to incorporate a matching pocket square. If you don’t know how to fold the pocket square, google “how do you fold a pocket square” to get details about the accessory.

  1.     Don’t forget your watch

Don’t leave the house unless you haven’t complimented your formal attire with a suitable watch. One of the most common mistakes that millennials make is they wear an exaggerated accessory. The modern-day watches come with a lot of features and are heavy to carry.

The best idea is to complement your attire with a vintage classic watch like a Full hunter pocket watch from Dalvey. If you don’t have one, borrow it from a friend or buy it from the market. There are several online platforms that sell vintage watches at affordable prices. 

  1.     Don’t forget the personal hygiene

Don’t forget you’ll have to shake hands and hug a lot of people at the corporate event. If you have a bad body odor, people will despise sitting close to you. People who are careless about their hygiene are often not liked by people. In severe cases, such people often get sacked from their jobs.

Good personal hygiene means you must cut your nails, put on a nice perfume, brush your hair, take a bath before leaving, carry a mint, get your stubble trimmer and look neat.

  1.     Don’t carry life-sized gadgets in your pocket

The modern mobile phones are often very large and thus, don’t fit in the pocket. People who adjust mobile phones and other handy gadgets in their pockets by force often end up looking baggy and bizarre. Since you’re preparing for a corporate event, make sure your pockets are clean from containing cigarettes, mini tabs, hefty mobile phones, and exaggerated wallets. Carry important stuff and put the rest in your car.

Anything you forcibly try to contour in the pocket of your dress pants will look bizarre.

Lastly! Wear a smile on your face and greet everyone with grace. Refrain from looking like an angry young man or woman and give a nice vibe to everyone around.