Flip Flops vs Slides: What’s the Difference?

Posted April 6, 2020 by in Fashion
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Did you know that flip flops were known as flip flaps until the 60s? Are you currently looking for a comfortable summer shoe and wondering what’s the best option? 

In this article, come explore the differences between flip flops vs slides. Read on to discover the similarities, differences, and ensure you’re not only fashionable but comfortable this summer. 

What Are Flip Flops?

Flip flops don’t have a strap that sandals have, and they’re fitted to your foot from a post that goes between your pointer and big toe. The name comes from the sound that flip flops make when you walk. You can trace flip flops all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times. 

Back during Ancient Egyptian times, you could also find these shoes in Japan, China, and parts of Africa. You could find shoes that were made from rice straw. 

Flip Flops Today

Flip flops today have changed since ancient times. You could begin to find them again after WWII. In Asia, they were wearing a Japanese shoe called the zori. In the 1950s, many shoe designers started to pay attention to how easy these were to wear. They then started creating rubber versions of these shoes.

In the 1960s, they were popular for surfers in California. Today, you can find flip flops in a variety of patterns, colors, and pricing. Whether you’re looking for fashionable summer flip flops sandals or something to just head to the beach, there are many options to choose from when searching for the best flip flops for you. 

Today, flip flops aren’t just enjoyed by surfers but by many including both men and women

Flip flops are best for around the home, going to the pool, or beach. You won’t want to wear flip flops when you’re hiking or running since your feet won’t have enough support. Avoid wearing them for long periods of time since they don’t have much arch support. 

Even walking for an extended period of time can cause discomfort due to the lack of arch support. This can also affect your posture. It can cause stress on your entire body including your feet. Your feet naturally turn inward during the step cycle, but flip flops cause you to turn inward for longer. 

This then affects the weight and pressure in your feet. It can lead to an increased risk of hammertoes, bunions, and pain. If you’re not standing or walking for a long period of time, then flip flops are a great choice. 

Concerns With Flip Flops

When you’re wearing flip flops, you have to scrunch your toes together to keep them on. This can cause tiredness and inflammation in your feet. The lack of arch support in flip flops can lead to your arches falling. This can then lead to heel spurs. 

You’re also more likely to trip wearing flip flops since your feet aren’t straight. Another concern is the fact that it doesn’t cover much of your feet, so your skin is more exposed to the sun. It can then lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. 

If your flip flops have thin straps, this can lead to blisters which can be extremely painful. Always make sure you’re wearing flip flops that support your feet and don’t have thin straps. 

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What Are Slides?

Slides or sliders are open-toed and backless. They can be flat, high-heeled, or somewhere in the middle of those. They can have 1 or 2 narrow straps, or can almost cover your whole foot from ankle to toe. This shoe is known as easy to slide off and on. 

Slide Benefits

Slides are comfortable, fashionable, and convenient. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors. They’re convenient since you can easily slip them on or off. They tend to have a harder sole than flip flops and sandals. The soles can be ribbed which helps with stability as well. 

Since the front tends to be wider than in flip flops and sandals, they help decrease the chances of bunions, neuromas, and hammertoe. 

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping

Whether you’re looking for the best slides or flip flops, you’ll want to keep in mind certain things such as comfort and value. You want to make sure that your shoes are comfortable since they’ll be safer and won’t slide off your foot when walking. 

You’ll also want to take a look at what these shoes are made of. For flip flops, take a look at the straps and toe post. Make sure that they don’t rub against your feet and cause blisters. For slides, you want a material that’s made of soft fabrics, knitted material, flexible synthetics, or breathable mesh. 

Also, ensure that your shoes fit you properly so they don’t slide off. Certain slide designs have a buckle so you can adjust the fit of your shoe. Some flip flops have a buckle closure. Some have velcro which is easy to adjust as well. 

Make sure your shoes also have great support. When you have arch support, it helps reduce any pain or tiredness your feet can face. Look for shoes that offer memory foam. Keep in mind that all shoes will have different arch support options, with some having more than others. 

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Comparing Flip Flops vs Slides

Comparing flip flops vs slides you see that there are many differences between them. When picking out which shoe is best for you, keep in mind the activities you’ll be wearing them. 

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