Flower Child Vibes—Shop My Affordable Look

Posted November 29, 2022 by in Fashion

There’s just something about the 70’s—disco, bell bottoms, long wind swept hair, revolution, and the hope of peace and love for all. What a time to be alive. Even though I wasn’t even a thought in the 70’s, I’ve always had this wanderlust for the era due to my parents. We were always listening to a 70’s tune in the car—some days it was a boho legend like Fleetwood Mac or Bob Dylan, other days it was a disco queen like Donna Summer or Diana Ross. Even though I’m in my 30’s now, I still love looking at all of my parent’s old photos from that era. If only they saved some of their clothes!

Below is a photoshoot my fiancé and I did together a few months back that I never posted. We got engaged shortly after and I was simply too excited and forgot. 🤭 I hope you like them:

Amanda Raye Scozzafava, LA based mid-size blogger, model, and DJ in a retro 70s outfit

Amanda Raye Scozzfava, blogger behind budget blog, Broke & Chic in a 70s outfit

Model and blogger Amanda Raye Scozzfava in a green 70s crop top and brown bell bottoms

Broke and Chic blogger, Amanda Raye Scozzafava in a green daisy knit crop top and brown bell bottom pants in Joshua Tree CA

DJ and blogger, Amanda Raye Scozzfava in a 70s themed photoshoot

Shop My 70s Look

The wig I purchased on Amazon and I use it often for different look—and it was only $24! Purchase it here. I purchased the belt, daisy knit crop top, and bell bottoms on SHEIN. Since I purchased them awhile ago, both the shirt and pants are out of stock, but below are similar options. My shoes were thrifted! I purchased them at the Savers in Arcadia, CA last summer.

I’ll be posting more my my retro looks soon! In the meantime, check out the post below to see another way I styled the bell bottoms: