Food for Thought: A Renovation-Free Guide to Revitalising Your Kitchen

Posted August 4, 2020 by in Home
kitchen view

If you’re someone who is looking to refresh your kitchen but are not looking to spend thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen overhaul, it’s your lucky day. Whilst we are in no way throwing shade at complete kitchen renovations (if it is within your means, go for it!), we also understand that most people don’t have the time, money or resources for a full kitchen renovation.

Today, we have a look at 5 simple ways in which you can revitalise your kitchen without having a single contractor walk through your door. Read on to find out more!

Upgrade Your Appliances

One of the easiest ways to breathe some new life into your kitchen space is to purchase a few new appliances such as a toaster, mixer, and coffee maker. Especially if your current toaster is looking a little gnarly or your old stand mixer is being held together with duct tape. Don’t worry….we have all been there. If you find yourself in such a scenario, it just may be time for you to invest and upgrade your kitchen appliances. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of incredibly affordable and exquisite looking kitchen appliances on the market today. Not only will a new toaster make mornings more convenient, you could opt for a stylish looking toaster in a color like red or mint green. A pop of color could do so much for your space. 

Think your kitchen needs a complete kitchen appliance overhaul? A new stove, and refrigerator may be needed. Thankfully, companies such as KitchenAid now offer stylish, professional quality appliances that only cost a few hundred dollars (some even less) that will breathe brand new life into your home kitchen. 

A Splash of Paint Does Wonders

It’s time to get your overalls on and go on a DIY painting adventure. Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. If your kitchen is looking a little sad, it just may be time to slather some fresh paint on your walls. You don’t even have to hire anyone to do this – simply head to your local hardware store, purchase a few cans of paint, some brushes, rollers and protective tarp and you’re ready to transform your kitchen within a day or two.

When it comes to paint options, satin or semi-gloss finish are the best options as they are easy to clean, making them ideal for kitchen spaces. We recommend going for bright colours such as creams or whites that instantly open up your kitchen space and inject new life into it. 

Install New Lights

The kitchen is the one room in the home that definitely benefits from having as much light as possible. After all, this is the room in which you handle sharp objects such as knives and scissors, making it all that more important that you can clearly see what you are doing and where you are going. A great way to instantly lift your kitchen aesthetic is to install bright new lights.

Some popular options include pendant lights, down lights or even lights installed under cabinets to illuminate your counter space. You will be able to purchase most of these lights at your local hardware store and install them with the help of your local electrician.

Improve Your Kitchen Storage

Over the years, most of us accumulate a bunch of kitchen gadgets, appliances and items that just end up sitting in a corner collecting dust. The easiest way to give your kitchen a makeover without spending a dime is to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Why not spend an afternoon going through your cupboards and getting rid of items or ingredients that you don’t need?

Clearing your worktops can also instantly improve your kitchen and the best part is that it costs you absolutely nothing!  

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Last but not least, take the time to accessorize your kitchen the way you would with any other room in the home. Accessories are a great way to liven up the kitchen space. Choose to display selected items on open shelving, but keep in mind to avoid clutter.

You’ll want to select just a few signature items that will make a statement, instead of too many items that will end up looking like a cluttered mess. You may even consider hanging up artwork around the kitchen in order to bring a splash of colour into the room, but again, keep it minimal and tasteful. 

Revitalising the kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. With these simple kitchen hacks, you’ll find that transforming your kitchen isn’t as difficult as you imagined.