Foods That Will Give You the Energy to Hit the Gym

Posted April 11, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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If you were one of those people who want to get or stay, fit and healthy, but you somehow always seem exhausted when the time comes to hit the gym, so you either don’t bother, or you do go but you end up not working out very effectively at all. you need to read on.

Below are some of the best foods to consume before you exercise, to boost your energy and ensure that you are able. Not only to work out, but to really go for it and make your next session count…

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Egg white omelets

Egg whites are extremely low in calories and very high in protein. Whip up a quick egg white omelet before your next gym session and your body will burn that instead of your hard-built muscle in the gym, which means you will be able to push harder and see better results, all while feeling perfectly satisfied.

Cracked egg with yoke still inside


They might not be quite as good as a pre-workout supplement that has been perfectly balanced to boost your energy and improve your stamina, but you could do a lot worse than to eat a banana if you need a little more energy before hitting the gym.

Bananas are one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates that will give you the energy you need, and they contain lots of potassium which is great for preventing muscle cramps too.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is ideal for those times when you need a quick rush of energy to get you through a tough workout, which is why so many runners pack trail mix for long-distance runs. It’s a quick injection of glucose that will see you power through even the most grueling workouts, while also providing you with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals.

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Almond butter

Almond butter not only tastes amazing but it is packed with healthy proteins and fats which will feed your body when you are planning to work out for a significant period of time. The best thing about it is that it can be digested very quickly, which means it can provide you with an instant boost of energy when you need it the most.

Almond butter on toast

Steel-cut oats

Steel-cut oats are another very healthy carbohydrate with plenty of good protein in them too.

Eat a cup cooked with milk before you hit the gym, and you will get even more protein and a dose of healthy fats too. More importantly, you will be able to stabilize your blood sugar for the duration of your workout. So, if you are someone who is prone to feeling faint when working out at the gym, this really is the pre-workout food for you.

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Blueberries not only provide you with a complex carb that will keep you going for longer but they have been shown to boot brain function too, which means they will help you with the mental side of a good gym session too.

Crop of Person Holding a Handful of Fresh Blueberries

Eat any of these energy boosters before hitting the gym and you can be sure that your workout will be on fire.