Form and Function: Ideas To Help Upgrade Your Living Room

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Decor

When faced with the prospect of renovations to your home, you are often tasked with the difficult decisions of sacrifice. That is, what are you willing to sacrifice in the way of your comforts and utility in order to make a grand statement. But, as any architect worth their salt (and any interior designer, for that matter) will tell you, form should always follow function.

While there are several ways in which to reinvigorate your space without losing any of the essential functions of the living room and there are other ways that will even enhance the space as a result. This article is going to offer you just a few ideas which might help to get you started:

Focus on Certain Areas 

Function and clutter are, quite frankly,  two words that will never be synonymous or even compatible with each other. So it stands to reason that one of the first steps any homeowner should take in order to allow for better use of living space is to clear up some of that precious living room real estate.

By focusing on and designating certain areas with specific purposes in the living room you can create the perfect functional design which offers you space to design creatively. Achieving this for the most part is effortless and a simple practice in organization.

Focus on the outcomes you would like to achieve out of the area. What kind of function do you want these spaces to serve? Would you like the center of the room to be open and offer itself as a dynamic space in which to engage in conversation? Or would you rather the focus of the room be individual areas in which multiple people of your home can engage in a variety of different hobbies within the same space? 

Whatever the aim may be, by narrowing down and emphasizing different areas of the living room you can keep the space clear of clutter and open it up to form and function.

Add An Electric Fireplace

Each living room needs a focal piece, something that grabs the eye and calls attention without being overwhelming in nature. Such a delicate balance can certainly be a difficult one to strike. However, it can be achieved with the introduction of an electric fireplace.

With its ease of installation, access, and power source, the electric fireplace offers heat at the flip of a switch without forcing homeowners to cover the cost of a contractor. 

Most realistic electric fireplaces have functions that offer the user a high level of control over the heat output, a task that is a bit more difficult to achieve with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. An electrical fireplace is able to offer this control without the need for an external fuel source, meaning coal and chopping wood will never be a concern. 

However, while the electric aspect nixes the need for fuel it does not sacrifice the warm glow and ambiance that is offered by the more traditional fireplace. With soft LEDs and faux log scenery that replicate, almost exactly, the light and look of a nicely finished fireplace, your family can still enjoy chilly mornings and quiet nights cozying up by the gentle “blaze.”

Make Smart Furniture Choices 

Furniture that combines comfort, style, and storage is perhaps the cornerstone of any living room that focuses on functionality but also honors form. By opting for furniture that not only suits your aesthetic needs but also serves as a tool for hiding and organizing clutter you will keep the space of the room consistent and open to the type of lifestyle which takes the most advantage of the living room. 

Smart furniture extends beyond just the means for extra storage. Smart furniture includes opting for furniture purchases that can literally be considered “smart.” While some may be hesitant to opt for more smart appliances in the home, it may be worth considering some smart furniture additions to the home for the sake of utility. 

In a modern home, a charger is most essential in any if not every space. So now consider that with the limited number of outlets available and the resentment that almost everyone has for dangling wires all over the place, there may be some alternatives. With smart furniture that provides USB ports or even wireless charging compatibility, you are adding functionality where it may be most needed. Guests and house members alike will never get tired of the stylish convenience that these furniture choices offer. 

Mount Your Appliances and Furniture 

What is the solution that may answer the question of “how to make the most use out of your space?” Simple, it is to mount your appliances. Most mounting systems are not only extremely affordable but are also incredibly easy to install. Within just an hour or two of dedicated time and effort, you can manage to open up your entire space by mounting your living room television to the wall.

However, the project does not end there. With so many options in the floating furniture market, it is easier than ever to consider options for wall-mounted bookshelves, entertainment centers, and so much more.

Help yourself by creating a clean and streamlined design that amplifies and accentuates your already existing space. 

Form Should Always Follow Function 

As life becomes more complex with the intricacies of each day it’s important that you make the choices that work for you and not against you. The choices that provide an easier life as opposed to adding to the stresses. 

Redesigning your living room into a functional and stylish retreat by following the simple rule of function before form is what will take you a major step closer toward striking that ever alluding balance so many strive for the idea of focusing on the perfect decor piece, which you know will just tie the room together, despite covering up that window that allows for natural light is tempting. It is important to remember that there.

*Photos by Michael Oxendine