Four Inspirational Ideas for Upgrading Your Home

Posted December 6, 2021 by in Decor

One of the best aspects of owning your own home is that you can redecorate and redesign it however you want. As long as you have got the budget and the time, the options are almost endless! There are lots of different changes you can make to your property that will revitalize it – and potentially add some value too.

Looking for some ideas? Here are a few suggestions to spark your creativity, from large scale alterations to smaller ones that will make you smile. Which room will you start with?

1. Update Your Kitchen

For many families the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place for cooking, eating, socializing and nowadays often working, too. This makes it a great candidate for renovation. There are lots of stylish themes you can choose, from farmhouse chic to sophisticated minimalism. Even if you don’t want to undertake a full upgrade, there are lots of smaller changes you can incorporate that will make a big difference.

For instance, you could switch up the color scheme, put quality timber door handles on the cupboards, or get shiny new countertops put in. Another top tip is to upgrade some of your kitchen gadgets, whether you want a posh new coffee machine or a modern boiling water tap.

2. Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are another prime area for home improvement, especially if the decor is starting to look rather dated. Having a new shower or striking freestanding bath installed will be an instant upgrade, and you can increase the spa vibes with luxurious marble detailing.

To truly boost the value of your property, consider adding an extra family bathroom or having an ensuite. Even small additions such as scented candles, fluffy new towels and humidity-loving houseplants can work wonders. 

3. Convert the Attic

In many homes, the attic is simply wasted space or used to store junk. However, you might want to consider converting it into a useable room (with lots of storage of course). One of the most popular choices is to turn the space into a stunning master bedroom, but the characterful architecture can also make the loft fantastic as a home office or playroom for the kids.

By putting in skylights you can ensure that the room gets plenty of natural light, and potentially a fantastic view of the stars after dark! As an alternative, if you have a basement, you could always convert that instead (or as well!).

4. Add a Conservatory

If you have the room for it, adding a conservatory to your property can be a wonderful way to boost its value and floor space. They’re truly versatile rooms, which can be used as anything from a kitchen or dining area to a living space, office or home gym. Their large windows and double doors can be effective at breaking down the barrier between the indoors and outdoors and enable you to get more enjoyment from your garden even in cold weather.

Exposure to nature and sunlight also does amazing things for our mental health and cognitive functions, so there’s truly no downside to this renovation project!

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska