Four Little Things That Can Really Let a Room Down

Posted January 26, 2020 by in Decor
teal and tan room

We’ve all done it. Walked into a room and thought that it did not look as good as it could. Usually, there actually is an issue. But surprisingly, often, it is just a little thing that ends up letting the room down.

Fortunately, most of these issues are not that hard to fix. Here are a few examples so you can make your home a cozy, relaxing place: 

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Battered and Old Skirting Boards

When people redecorate, they rarely think to replace their skirting boards. This is despite the fact that if you buy them from a firm like skirtingsrus they are inexpensive. 

These large online retailers sell a huge range of styles. So, whether you are looking for minimalist boards for your sleek and modern sitting room or Edwardian style ones for your period home they will likely have them in stock. 

Laying them is not a difficult job either. You do not need any specialist tools. The trickiest part of the job is cutting them in at the corners. This excellent YT video shows you exactly how to do it. Provided you take your time and follow it there should be no need to go to the expense of hiring a carpenter to install your new skirting boards.

Scuffed or Scratched Surfaces

In a crisp, clean room any flaw jumps out at you. That includes scuffs and other marks on the paintwork or furniture. Do what you can to remedy these issues as soon as possible. Get into the habit of blending these things into your regular cleaning routine. Or you could spend half an hour during the first weekend of every month touching up any little nicks and dings.

Doing this should mean that you will not have to completely redecorate, so often.

Too Much Furniture

If it has been a while since you last rearranged your furniture, give it a go. In particular, try removing an item or two. It is surprising how much of a difference this can make to how a room looks and feels. Less is more

Not Enough Light

If a room is too dark, it will never be comfortable. Humans like the light, they need it. So, if somewhere is dark and dingy that is the last place they want to be.

Simple things like choosing window coverings that open wider during the day and installing glass panels in your internal doors will make a huge difference. But, if you cannot let more light into a room, you need to be sure to make the most of what is already there. 

A great way to do this is to hang some mirrors. Provided you put them up in the right places, they will reflect the light back into the room. You can learn how to do this and pick up 9 more ways to use mirrors to enhance any space, by clicking here. If you do not want to hang any more mirrors, decorate using lighter colors and choose a few metallic ornaments and fixtures. These will add some twinkle and reflect the light more.

As you can see, fixing these things should not cost much. Nor should it take up a lot of time. But it will make a huge difference to the look and feel of virtually any room.