Four Renovation Ideas for Your Spare Room

Posted April 9, 2021 by in Decor

If you own a house or a large flat, there’s a high chance that you have a spare room that you only properly use for storing unwanted items. Now, as the traditional spring cleaning season is upon us, perhaps it’s time to think about making that spare room a special place to be.

This guide has outlined four ways that you can retrofit your spare room into the room of your dreams. Read on now for four great ideas! 

Rent it Out as a Guest Room 

Your spare room might actually be a great opportunity to make money. There are a whole host of online sites where you can easily list your spare room as a guest room and make an easy income. While there might be some costs involved in initial refurbishment and maintenance, this can easily be recouped by the amount charged for rent.

Make sure that the room is as cozy as it can be, with a soft bed, books for reading, and, ideally, a conjoining guest bathroom. You can install a refurbished PTAC from PTAC4Less to make spare rooms more comfortable, especially in the hot summer months!

Create a Games Room 

For a room for rest, relaxation, and play, why not create a dedicated games room? There are lots of fun items that you can put into such a room, including a ping pong table, pool table, pinball machine, dartboard, and so on. See if there is also space for a mini-fridge or a small bar to make the room the ideal place to invite friends over for a fun and easygoing time.

You might even make this room the ultimate hangout spot in your neighborhood. 

Make a Home Gym

With many gyms shut as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you might have found yourself not exercising as much as you would like. That’s why it might be a smart idea to turn your spare room into a home gym. You can buy weights for a low price, and if you have a large budget, even install a cycling, rowing, or running machine.

While these units will cost a fair bit, you might find yourself saving a lot of money that would otherwise go on an expensively monthly gym membership. 

Convert it into a Study Room 

If you are working from home like a lot of people during the coronavirus pandemic, it could be a smart idea to convert your spare room into a miniature office. This will involve clearing everything out to make sure that you have enough space to maneuver and buy a proper desk and a chair to make sure you have proper posture. One point that you might not consider if you barely used your spare room before is whether the Wi-Fi works there. Make sure to do a proper check beforehand to make sure that you are connected. If not, it might make sense to buy an extra router. 

*Photos by Joyful