Four Tips for a Low-Budget Wedding

Posted January 28, 2021 by in Lifestyle

In an ideal world, one’s perfect wedding is a show-stopping extravaganza, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The ultimate Pinterest worthy wedding! However, reality can be a lot more complicated than that, with a wedding’s cost being very high. In fact, in the USA, the average wedding costs just under $34,000. Yikes!

If you’re newly engaged and you and your partner are on a tight budget for your wedding day, don’t fret. There are definitely ways to have a wedding filled with charm and loveliness that won’t break the bank. Read on for four tips so you can start planning your dream wedding:

Keep it Close to Home 

The first way to keep a wedding low-cost is to cut down on as many travel costs as possible. Try and have it within 10 miles of where you and your family live, so people can take their cars or public transportation to the venue. Not only does this cause you far less stress as the logistical challenge of getting everyone in the same space is reduced, but it helps you to save on expensive travel options such as getting the right planes and taxis to the venue.

Once you both agree on a location, the search for a venue can begin.

Find an Affordable Venue 

One of the major costs of a wedding is naturally going to be booking a venue for both the wedding itself and the party afterward. If you are religious, the wedding venue itself can be either be a church/synagogue/mosque that won’t charge for the service, and for the non-religious, a civil venue, such as a city town hall, will likely only cost a small amount.

As for the reception, this may be one of your major costs, but can be kept down by finding an appropriate venue. For one great and affordable San Diego-based option, we would recommend checking out They offer reasonable prices, especially if you: 

Keep Your Guest List Small 

Wedding venues usually charge based on the number of guests you want to have at the wedding. Here is the chance to really cut down on weddings by only inviting the people you really want to attend as opposed to inviting basically everyone you know.

There is an added bonus in keeping the wedding intimate as you only really have to invite your closest friends and family as opposed to people you are only on a cordial level with or don’t really like, such as work colleagues. This can make for a better experience. Talking of friends and family: 

Hire Within your Community 

Do you personally know a photographer? Is your mother or father a fantastic cook? Is one of your best friends amazing at making bouquets? One amazing way to cut down on costs is to hire only the people that you know personally to provide these services for you. Either you can pay them a small symbolic cost, or they may even be willing to help you out absolutely free.

Ask around for almost every stage of the wedding planning process; you will be surprised at how much people will want to help! 

Want more budget-friendly wedding planning tips? Check back regularly or read more below:

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