From Law Books to Courtrooms: The Truth About Being a Lawyer

Posted July 22, 2019 by in Career
The Truth About Being a Lawyer

Have you ever noticed the sheer number of TV shows and movies that cast lawyers in a heroic light?

When most of us imagine lawyers, we envision wealthy, powerful heroes. We see attorneys as the passionate upholders of social justice. But, does this vision match up with reality? Is being a lawyer all that it’s made out to be?

Keep reading to uncover the real truth about what it’s like being a lawyer:

The Wealth, Power, and Fame

One of the biggest myths about what it’s like being a lawyer is the perceived pay. Most have the misconception that all lawyers are among the wealthy top 10 percent of society.

What’s shocking is that most attorneys make an average of about $118,000 a year. That’s only about $40,000 more than the average salary after law school.

With the debt burden from school, that’s not the salary most would imagine. So, the immense wealth associated with lawyers is a myth. As for fame and power, those are also not typical for an attorney.

The Hero: Standing for Justice

What is it like to be a lawyer when your clients rely on you to help them? Most enter into the field of law to help people, but how heroic can you be as a lawyer?

Many hopeful lawyers who have this perception end up dissatisfied with their job. Why? The law is dry-cut, and this often limits your ability to help your clients.

Despite your best efforts, you won’t win every case. What is being a lawyer like in reality? You won’t always be the hero. Sometimes, you’ll even get vilified for representing certain clients.

The Truth About the Workload

It’s well-known that lawyers are hard workers. Few enter into the industry expecting an easy paycheck. What’s less recognized is that an attorney’s workload isn’t limited to the courtroom.

What is it like being a lawyer when it comes to working outside of the office? According to notable Raleigh workplace accident lawyers, attorneys also put in time: 

  • Explaining the law to clients
  • Researching previous cases
  • Attending lectures
  • Teaching law courses
  • Completing paperwork
  • Pro Bono and community work
  • Marketing their business

It’s evident that being an attorney means making your mark on the community. Only focusing on cases and the courtroom will limit an attorney’s ability to gain clients.

Being a Lawyer During the Big Tech Era

What’s it like being a lawyer in the era of big tech companies? Law firms across the country are already using artificial intelligence to conduct research.

It’s estimated that AI will replace legal research positions soon. This shift is helping reduce the workload burden on lawyers. It also means that you’ll have to be tech-savvy to become an attorney, though.

The Truth About Practicing Law 

Are you surprised to learn these truths about being a lawyer? While it isn’t the glamorous job it’s made out to be, it’s still an honorable profession.

Have you ever asked a lawyer for details about their job? What insights did you gain from the conversation? Share your stories with us by leaving a comment in the box below.