Frugal Ways to Bow Up your Holiday Presents

Posted October 2, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Frugal Ways to Bow Up your Holiday Presents

Bows and gift wraps are part of the gift-giving tradition of many people today. The practice of wrapping gifts in decorative paper dates back to ancient China, where the paper was invented. 

Gift wraps are customary when giving gifts to people to conceal the present a few more moments before the recipient opens it. Alongside gift wrapping, the use of bows is also part of this multi-billion-dollar industry.

People spend millions of dollars on gift-wrapping presents. The bow alone is a type of art; people spend on, to make a gift pretty. However, for many people, spending is limited only to the available budget. If you are the type of person who likes to do things or make things on their own, DIY bows are impressive. Here are frugal ways on how to make a bow on your own.

Frugal ways to bow your gifts

You can easily spend a bit more money on having professional help in wrapping gifts. However, there is something magical if your loved one knew that you gift-wrapped the present you gave. Here are a few approaches on how to make a bow, perfect for the holidays. For you to be frugal, try to find used ribbons and gift-wraps tucked away in your closet. 

How to make an ordinary bow 

  1. Cut a ribbon to an adequate length. It may be 20 cm in length or depending on the type of bow you want to make. 
  2. Take each end of the ribbon and fold it inwards the middle. Overlap the two ends making a shape with two loops at the top with two tails. It will look like the traditional ribbon.
  3. Once you managed to make this shape, you can take a short wire and tie it up in the middle. If you sense creativity, you can make a few more of these ribbons and tie them together.
  4. You can now place it on your gifts and make your loved one’s day happy.

How to make a floral bow

  1. Start with getting two ribbons and cutting them to length. It depends on how many “petals” you like in your floral bow. You can replace the second ribbon with wire.
  2. You then make a right loop from the ribbon. 
  3. After that, you make a left loop and continue alternating loops on one ribbon. 
  4. After you have used up the entire length of the ribbon for loops, tie the middle with your other ribbon. 
  5. After you’ve tightened it, spread the loops and make a floral bow.
  6. Place an ornament in the middle and attach it to your gift. 

There are many ways to make a bow for your presents, but these two are the easiest and most artistic. Experiment on various colors and make your gift as attractive as the present you have inside.

Gift-giving is a significant tradition of many cultures on joyous occasions, and you ought to make it memorable for the recipient. A good, personalized gift-wrapped present is as important as the present itself so make each decor count.