Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Golden Doodle

Posted December 21, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Golden doodles are the ultimate combination of good looks, wits, playfulness, and let’s not forget cuteness. As we know, doodles have a voracious appetite for fun, energy, and no couch potatoes.

Nearly 80% of the doodle owners confirm that their dog is much happier and smarter than ever when they play or indulge their golden doodle in fun activities.

If you think that walking your dog twice a day is enough to channel its energy, then you are very wrong. It is vital to keep your doodle indulged in some playful activities. 

If you have no idea how to keep your fur baby busy and engaged, we have just the right thing for you. Keep your precious pooch entertained with these enriching activities for dogs:

Play Fetch and Chase with Your Dog

Unlike humans, dogs don’t get bored of doing the same thing again and again. If you have a long hallway or large rooms, take a few minutes to play with your dog. Throw their favorite toy or tennis ball and encourage your dog to retrieve it. 

Running back and forth will keep your dog occupied for a very long time. It will also help in strengthening your bond with your dog. And, of course, playing with your dog relieves your stress and tension.

Exercise Together

All play and no exercise might make your doodle dull and slobby. A general rule of thumb says that dogs should exercise for at least 30 minutes. It will help to boost their physical stamina and channelize their energy. 

In fact, if you live in an apartment building or have access to stairs, walking up and down the stairs is one of the best exercises for you and your dog. You can make it fun for your dog by throwing a favorite toy. Once your dog retrieves the toy, have them run back to you. Make sure you clean the stair before you start to avoid any accidents.

If you are thinking of training your golden doodle, refer to a training guide for better understanding.

Puzzles Help Them Learn

Did you know that your doodle is much smarter than you think? There are so many dog puzzles that help your doodle learn and behave properly. Most of the toys and puzzles are equipped with small food items to entice pups to flip and roll them around to unlock a special treat.

It will help your doodle learn properly, and it will also boost their mental and physical skills.

Goldendoodles are fantastic companion dogs, guide dogs, agility and sport dogs, and therapy dogs. They can make you smile by hovering over you as soon as you come inside the house.  

No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to resist the charm of your golden doodle. But you can’t only snuggle your pup, you need to do fun activities with them, too.

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