Fun Ways To Get Thirty Minutes Of Activity

Posted October 27, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

When you were a child, you were active without really thinking about it. You moved while you played, whether you were dangling from the monkey bars, running around the park, or skating with friends. For adults, it’s not as easy. If the idea of breaking a sweat doesn’t really appeal to you, you might need to think about fun ways to be more active, just like you did when you were a kid. 

It is advised that adults do 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week. Thirty minutes a day puts you in the middle of that range and is enough to reduce the risk of health conditions like high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and even depression. Nobody wants to spend thirty minutes every day slogging through something that you hate. You will get more out of activities that you enjoy, and help you to keep it up. Here are some activities that will push up your heart rate and are fun enough to encourage you to stay active. 

Walking/Running Games

Going for a walk or a run is an accessible and affordable type of exercise, but running laps in your neighborhood can get boring really fast. 

There are lots of apps that you can download that will turn your walk or your run into an adventure. For example, Zombies, Run puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, where zombies chase you while you run to gather supplies. Geocaching games like Pokemon Go encourage you to interact with virtual objects in the real world. 

Dance Party

When was the last time you danced to your favorite music? Let your hair down, draw the curtains if you don’t want the neighbors to see, turn up the music, and get dancing. It will take about eight songs to reach your thirty minutes of activities, so choose your favorites to get you moving and your heart rate up. 

Build Your Own Workout

If going to a gym class doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. You can get all the same benefits with a workout at home. Use YouTube videos, apps, or build your own routine of individual exercises. 


Frisbee is a fast-paced game, and an easy way to get moving with a friend. Count how many times you can throw it back and forth without dropping it, and make it more of a workout by making each other run for the frisbee. 

Catch and Kick

Anyone who has children knows that sometimes entertaining them has to take priority over your own exercise. You can do both at the same time by taking them to the park or out into the garden to kick a ball around or to throw a ball back and forth. Ask them to throw or kick long to make you run for it.

Take The Stairs

This is a classic tip, but taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator is a good way to work out all the major muscles in the legs and glutes. It might not seem like the most fun option for getting your workout, but you can get a lot of activity into your day just by taking the stairs whenever they’re an option.

Walking Meetings

If your job involves a lot of meetings, suggest making one of those meetings each day a walking meeting. Head out of the office and go to a nearby park, or just the sidewalk outside, and walk while you talk business. 

Dance Class

There are almost endless styles of dance that you could try out, including swing, ballet, salsa, street, tap, or ballroom. All of them are effective for pushing up your heart rate and challenging your coordination. Most dance classes take one-off and term-based sign-up, so you can try a style out and make sure you enjoy it before you really commit. 


Getting out and about in nature is a really good way to stretch your legs and see some of your local areas, as well as get in your thirty minutes of activity. Do you need some inspiration for where to go? Have a look at local hiking routes and see what looks interesting.  

Rock Climbing

Work on your strength and get a hit of adrenaline by defying gravity as you scale a rock wall. Find an indoor gym or an instructor that will show you how to get started. Once you’ve got some skills, you can move onto outdoor climbing walls. 

*Photos by Maksim Goncharenok