Fun Ways to Reward Your Kids For Being Brave Enough To Visit the Dentist

Posted April 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Parents may face some difficulties when taking their child to the dentist as it can be a scary experience for them. However it is vital for them to take their children to the dentist starting at age one. Just like adults, children need the services to decrease the risk of tooth loss and gum disease.

 By setting up a rewards system for the child, the parent could find creative ways to reward great behavior and to help your child be less scared of the dentist like buying him or her a Star Wars costume.

Two kids sitting on a washer and brushing their teeth together.

Go To The Movies

The parent could plan a trip to the movies for their child after their dental visit. This is a great choice that will keep the child focused on the movie after the dental visit and may prevent them from being anxious. Many kids have a difficult time staying calm when it comes to the dentist.

A major stressor for the kids is the equipment and instruments the dentists use. However, if the parent starts a trend of taking their kid to the movie afterward, it could also encourage the child to brush and floss properly. Parents can get more advice about fun rewards for their child from a Family Dentist now.

Get Their Favorite Snack

Their favorite snack is a great reward for a dental visit. The parent could get a supply of the child’s favorite snacks and give them the snack after each dental visit. They could give the child more of the snack when they get a great review from the dentist such as no cavities. As long as they don’t allow the child to eat a large number of sugary snacks frequently, the snack as a reward will not threaten their teeth or gums.

Buy Them A Toy

Parents can purchase small toys for their little ones to reward them for great behavior during a dental visit. Many times children can become terrified of dental visits, and because of the anxiety, the child may act out. The parent could explain to them that if they behave throughout the dental visit, the parent will take them to the toy store to get a toy as a reward. The option could give the child an opportunity to get a new toy, and it makes it easier for the dentist to provide dental services if the child behaves.

Go To Their Favorite Local Attraction

A visit to their favorite local attraction gives them a day spent doing something they really enjoy. It is recommended that the parent determine if the attraction is open on the day of the appointment and how much it costs to get in.

The trip could give the child something to look forward to after their appointment, but if the attraction has to close down suddenly, it could lead to other issues for the parent. By booking tickets ahead of time, the parent and their child will not face any disappointments.

Buy or Make Their Favorite Meal

Their favorite meal as a reward is a great choice for parents that need to take their child to the dentist. They can either buy the meal from their favorite restaurant or purchase all the ingredients and make it at home.

Parents need better choices for rewarding their kids for visiting the dentist. For many kids, a dental visit causes a lot of anxiety and fear. It is mostly because of the instruments that the dentists use to complete procedures. By setting up a rewards plan, the parents can determine what reward is right for their child.

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