Gay Parenting—Where to Look for an Egg Donor?

Posted December 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Same sex couples tend to have unique challenges to those of opposite sex couples. One thing is certain, though: love is love. But when it comes to certain situations like trying for a baby, it can be particularly different from their male and female couple counterparts.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. There are ways gay couples can have a baby of their own. Sometimes it starts with finding an egg donor.

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Surrogacy Agency

Finding a qualified and willing surrogate for gays is half the battle. For male-male couples, however, going to a surrogacy clinic might be one of the best places to go to when trying to start a family.

Not only can a surrogacy agency help you find a great surrogate to house your pregnancy, but they also have resources regarding finding the right egg donor. If any part of the process is ever confusing for you or your partner, a surrogacy agency will be one of the best places to help discuss the process in detail.

Donor Egg Bank

If you already have a surrogate in mind or your chosen surrogacy agency doesn’t have any specific references as far as places to find an egg donor, it’s best to go directly to a donor egg bank.

Egg donation agencies make the process of finding an egg donor relatively simple. They have the answers to all your questions and have a strategic plan to help you find the best donor for you and your partner. These facilities offer a compilation of egg donors from all around the world with all sorts of different backgrounds and genetics.

Fertility Clinic

Did you know that there are plenty of fertility clinics that offer in-house egg donor programs? It’s true! Programs like these offer a more affordable and quicker route to opting for an egg donor. Part of this is because the donors apart of these programs have already completed preliminary screening.

Close Friend or Family Member

Many people would like to ask a close friend or even a family member to donate eggs to them. However, conversations like this can sometimes be a bit awkward, or the other party might not be comfortable with the process. Thus, a conversation like this can potentially make the relationship between the friend or family member and the person asking a bit shaky.

However, asking a family member in particular to be your egg donor might be a great idea. This way, you can keep the genes in the family. Not to mention, you already have a good idea what kind of person your egg donor is and can better trust them to be a good, qualified, healthy donor.

It’s not always easy trying to find an egg donor, especially for same sex couples. On the brightside, there are multiple places to look for a willing egg donor. A surrogacy agency, a donor egg bank, a fertility clinic, or even speaking with a close friend or family member all offer opportunities to find the perfect egg donor.

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