Gearing Up to Go Hard: How to Choose a Pre-Workout Supplement

Posted June 7, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

The dietary supplements industry in the United States is valued at $ 35 billion. Choosing the best pre-workout supplement may be a challenge in such a flooded market. You may have to be more specific about the pre-workout supplement that works best for you.

Pushing your body harder requires a healthy balance of diet and exercise. The level of energy required to sustain a stable workout regime is high. This is the reason you may need to consider the various pre-workout supplements available in the market.

Are you looking to purchase a pre-workout supplement? How do you choose the right one? Read this guide to learn how to choose the best supplement:

Understanding Your Pre-Workout Needs

You may be wondering why you need a pre-workout supplement in the first place. This article by CrazyMass has all your answers.

Pre-workout supplements are dietary enhancements with the ability to increase your training volume. Taking a pre-workout supplement before training helps you get more out of the gym. Your level of intensity and volume in the gym depends on your pre-workout meal. Combining the best pre-workout supplements with a stable workout regime will guarantee you results. So if you haven’t made a decision yet about which supplement you are going to consider, you may visit as they offer all-natural based products that will help you lose weight and improve your health to achieve your wellness goals.

Are Pre-Workout Supplements an Option?

The traditional notion was that pre-workout supplements were a reserve of the pro bodybuilders. The argument premised on the assumption that pro-bodybuilders trained for competition purposes. This notion is unfounded.

Anyone can benefit from pre-workout supplements as long as you establish a regular training regime. A beginner needs pre-workout supplements as much as the hardcore pro trainer needs these enhancers.
Now that the record has been set straight let’s dive straight to your choice of pre-workout supplements.

Your Type of Training Drives the Agenda

Determining your kind of training is important at this stage. Bodybuilders who need massive amounts of energy may need a different set of supplements from a beginner who does light training. You will also realize that depending on your workout schedule; there are days, you will need more energy than others.

Your training regime acts as an important determinant of your pre-workout needs. You may be training to lose body fat or training to build muscle. Your pre-workouts in each case will be different. For more information on fat burner supplements check this honest review on PrimeShred.

In certain cases, the work out sessions may be long or short. Determining all these dynamics may be crucial towards ensuring that your pre-work plan is sustainable.

Understanding Your Body

The body system is different from other people. Your reaction to a pre-workout drink depends on the body’s reaction to the stimulant. The choice of a pre-work supplement must depend on your tolerance to stimulants. Knowing your body is vital before settling for that pre-workout supplement.

You also need to consider why you need the supplement. There are body types that require a bit of warmup to pick up maximum thrust. But there are body types that won’t pick up unless there is a supplement to boost you up.

Understanding your body allows you to appreciate the type of supplement that you need. Having understood these important dynamics, you may proceed to choose a pre-workout supplement.

Types of Pre-Workout Supplements

As noted, your choice of a pre-workout supplement depends on the objective of training. Therefore, it is hardly ever identical to that of your colleague. Here are the different types of pre-workout supplements:


Most of the pre-workout energy drinks are stimulants. The stimulant-based supplements allow your body to get into a thermogenic state that fastens the production of energy. Your body must have a high level of tolerance for you to use stimulants as possible options in your pre-work regime.

Stimulants provide you with a massive level of energy. The most common stimulant supplements are packed as drinks or tablets. Pre-workout supplements with Yohimbe, DMAA, and Higenamine provide the best boost, especially for individuals with high tolerance levels.

Pre-workout supplement drinks or meals with Caffeine in 200mg or less, and L-Tyrosine are critical stimulants. They work best in cases where your body type has a low tolerance to stimulants. Caffeine will get you the energy boost you need before your work out.

Almost 99% of the caffeine injected into your body is absorbed into the blood within 45 minutes.

Muscle Building Supplements

Muscle building pre-workout stimulants may have a wide range of options. You may need to try them out to ascertain which works best for you.

If you wish to find ingredients to strengthen your muscle and boost your power, supplements with creatine, beta- alanine and Taurine are your best bet. These ingredients are present in most of the pre-work supplements available in stores. However, you must also understand the additional additives in such supplements.

The notion that creatine is a reserve of the shredded muscle men is wrong. You need this important pre-workout ingredient to build strength and enhance your ability to pump up in the gym.

Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCCAs) will be a necessary pre-workout supplement for you as you stabilize in the gym. You may ask what BCCA is. These are a group of three amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine that are available from brown rice, whey, whole wheat meals, and soy proteins. A healthy serving of both stimulants and muscle strengthening pre-workout supplements will get you reaped in no time.

Natural Pre-Workout Supplements

At times you may want to seek out natural pre-workout supplements. Beets offer the best option for boosting your pre-workout energy in a natural way. Beets have a rich Vitamin C composition that assists in building performance.

A healthy serving of beets before your workout can enhance your performance and reduce fatigue. 
Antioxidants may also present to you the pre-workout energy you need to excel in the gym. You can get a wide variety of antioxidants from the food you eat. Seafood, milk, and nuts are examples of pre-workout supplement meals that may boost your antioxidant levels. Grape and berries are your other option if you prefer a fruit based supplement.

If you have been feeling sluggish in the gym and lack the motivation to pump up, it’s time to act. Having gone through the various types of pre-workout supplements, you can now choose what works for you. You can try out each of the options before settling for a likely solution to enhance your training regime. Read more on our blog on the best fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and fitness news and trends.