Get Perfect Hair: The 7 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Posted January 13, 2020 by in Beauty
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Unsatisfied with the length of your hair? Hoping to grow it out as fast as possible? If so, there are a few key vitamins that you need to prioritize. 

By ingesting these vitamins regularly, you’ll not only experience expedited hair growth but a variety of other benefits as well. Without further ado, here are the 7 best vitamins for hair growth:

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  1. Vitamin A

When it comes to the growth of cells, no vitamin is more important than Vitamin A. Vitamin A not only promotes the growth of hair but of skin cells as well. 

Not to mention, it facilitates the production of sebum, a substance that moisturizes the skin and thus the hair as well. As such, if you’re trying to grow your hair out fast, you should be ingesting ample amounts of Vitamin A on a daily basis. 

Curious as to some sources of Vitamin A? Pumpkins, carrots, and spinach are packed with it, as are a variety of other vegetables. You can also find it in dairy products, especially milk and yogurt. 

Not able to get enough Vitamin A through your diet? If so, you’re advised to take a supplement. To find the most effective and high quality supplements come here

  1. Vitamin C

One of the utmost destroyers of hair growth is the existence of free radicals. When unleashed upon the body, free radicals inundate it with oxidative stress. This stress stifles hair, causing it to break and dry out before its time. 

Fortunately, there’s a vitamin that can combat free radicals. This vitamin is Vitamin C. Not only does Vitamin C neutralize the effect of free radicals, but it also aids in the production of collagen, a substance that, in turn, promotes hair growth

Wondering where you can find Vitamin C? It’s ample in kale, cauliflower, grapefruit, and kiwi, to name just a few sources. Of course, if need be, you can also find it in a supplement. 

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E falls into the same class as Vitamin C, neutralizing the oxidative stress caused by free radicals in the body. As such, it does a lot to detract hair damagers and promote hair growth. 

Not only does it facilitate an increase in hair growth speed, but it also assists in combating split ends. By consuming Vitamin E regularly, you will produce a silkier, shinier, and stronger head of hair. 

Vitamin E can be found in a number of sources. These include but aren’t limited to spinach, sunflower seeds, avocados, and nuts. 

Not interested in eating any of these foods? Then, again, you can take a supplement instead. They’re available in both capsule and topical forms. 

  1. B Vitamins

There are a variety of B vitamins, each of which performs a slightly different function. While all of them contribute to hair growth to an extent, the one that contributes the most is biotin or B7. 

There’s a good deal of evidence to suggest that those who are deficient in biotin experience hair loss. While it has not yet been proven to increase hair growth in non-deficient individuals (there are still studies left to be done), it is almost sure to increase hair growth in deficient individuals. 

Interested in upping your biotin intake? If so, there are a number of foods you should be consuming, including eggs, cheese, and spinach, to name just a few. There is also a range of supplements available, including this biotin shampoo.  

  1. Vitamin D

Though it hasn’t necessarily been found to increase the speed of hair growth, Vitamin D does seem to contribute to it in some way. Namely, it facilitates the production of new hair follicles, allowing the opportunity for more hair to grow, and allowing for thicker hair growth overall. 

Vitamin D is infamously under-consumed. In fact, its under-consumption could essentially be called an epidemic. As such, whether you’re trying to grow your hair or not, you need to prioritize it in your diet. 

This vitamin can be found in a number of foods, including milk, fatty fish, and fortified cereals. Note, however, that it’s primarily consumed via exposure to the sun. 

Having trouble meeting your Vitamin D needs? If so, you should consider taking a daily supplement. 

  1. Zinc

Though it’s not a vitamin, zinc is just as beneficial to hair growth as the vitamins reviewed above. Not only does it assist in repairing damaged hair, but it also facilitates the production of bodily oils, helping to moisturize the skin, and thus the hair as well. 

Those who don’t consume enough zinc are often found to experience hair loss. Note, though, that those who over-consume it are found to experience the same. As such, you need to eat the proper amount. 

You can find zinc in several foods, including but not limited to beef, lentils, and oysters. If you wish, you can also take zinc supplements. 

  1. Iron 

Another mineral that assists in hair growth is iron. How does it do this? By strengthening red blood cells so that they can carry oxygen to the hair follicles. 

Those who are deficient in iron are very often found to experience hair loss. This is particularly true in the case of women, though it occurs to men as well. 

Iron can be found in a wide variety of foods. These include red meat, spinach, eggs, and oysters, to name just a few. As with every other nutrient on this list, it can also be found in supplement form. 

If it’s rapid hair growth you want, these vitamins will serve you well. The absolute best vitamins for hair growth, they can be found in a variety of foods and supplements. 

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