Get Your Cosmetic Brand on the Map With These 4 Tips

Posted May 31, 2021 by in Career

Good products deserve to be seen. If you produce amazing cosmetics that you truly believe can stand up against well-known brands, then you need to be able to compete with your advertising. 

You need to pull in a wide range of consumers by making your product desirable through clever advertising, promotion, and sales tactics.

Even if you are already on your journey, we have some tips for you to keep in mind as you get your brand name out there:

1. Shout About Your USPs

If you have a unique selling point (USP) or want to appeal to a certain type of audience, put that information upfront, loud and proud. 

If your products are vegan or cruelty-free, highlight this all over your posters and adverts — this is something that many cosmetics fans are looking for nowadays. 

If you donate part of your profits to charity, make sure your audience knows. That way, you twofold advertise your brand and the fantastic charities you support. 

Got a big deal or sponsor? Show it off. 

Do you cater to a wider range of skin types and tones than your competitors? Tell people!

Draw people in tactically. Having your main attractions in the headlines of your adverts will start conversations about your brand. People will want to know more and likely want to purchase your items knowing that they are ethically sourced, or that they might be able to find something to suit their unique needs.

2. Specialist Photography

Get yourself a professional photographer who knows a thing or two about cosmetic photography

Get photos that show off your product (but not in a clinical way), and have a bit of fun with framing and backdrops to really make your product pop. 

Hiring someone who knows exactly what to do will give you a competitive edge. You don’t want to be like anyone else — you need to develop your own style. 

One thing to remember is that you don’t have to be perfect the first time. Take a variety of photos, budget in some trial and error money, and experiment. 

You may find that the color scheme you had your heart set on really doesn’t work, but something that the photographer suggests might be perfect. 

Most importantly, stay true to your branding. If your target audience is teenagers, you’ll want to make the colors, backdrops, and models appeal to this demographic.

3. Market Research 

If you want to compete in the makeup industry, you need to know who your main rivals are. Find out what they do, how they operate and advertise, and take inspiration from them. Don’t outright copy their style and product lines, but look at what does and doesn’t work for them. 

On top of that, do market research among consumers. Ask your target consumers what they think of your product, run tests, give samples, and get feedback. 

4. Don’t Expect People to Just Find You

The biggest thing to remember is to get the word out there any way you can. People won’t just stumble across your brand, site, or company. 

To get your brand out there, reach out to popular cosmetic influencers, put posters up, and use social media. Do everything you can to get your name into people’s minds. 

After that, you will start to gain the benefit of word-of-mouth advertising too.

From day one, it’s important to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight — it also takes hard work. 

You can’t wait around and hope to be discovered. Get among the big dogs and compete. Make a plan, be flexible, and don’t skimp on the important stuff. 

You’ll reap the rewards soon enough if you stick at it!

*Photos by Kelly Sikkema