Getting in Shape: Your Guide For Summer 2022

Posted January 18, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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With summer 2022 coming (hopefully a period of heat and happiness unburdened by the pandemic) there’s plenty to get excited for. Although it’s still a number of months until the hottest time of the year, this is the time to book your vacations and to start planning how you’re going to spend those months under the rays of the sun. For many people, especially after the turn of the new year and the resolutions you make during it, that means getting in shape.

Whether you’re doing it for fitness, or to have your beach body toned and chiseled, here’s a quick guide to getting in shape for the coming summer:

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However you choose to get in shape (and as we’ll see, there’s more than one way to do so) the key is doing your exercise regularly. There’s little point running long, 15-miles runs every other week, as that’s not going to condition your body to change shape. Actually, it’s more likely to give you an injury which could prevent you from exercising altogether. So, it’s getting out there regularly to the gym, on runs or swims, or to exercise classes, that’ll help define wither you get in shape by the time summer rolls around. 


Training to get in shape can take several different forms or can be composed of a mix of these forms. For most people, the idea of getting in shape is tightly linked with the idea of the gym. It’s easy to see why: there’s every item of equipment that you need in these facilities to work out any muscle in your body. There are also helpers, from the likes of the Rising Legends Academy of Fitness, who can provide personal training in Valley Cottage, NY to help you build muscle and get toned. But you could just as easily get out on runs, alone or in a group, or on swims or cycles, to make your body start shedding fat and accumulating muscle. 


Setting targets when you’re getting fit has two important connotations. The first is that targets help you train harder. If you’re trying to lose a certain amount of weight, run a certain time on the track, or lift a certain weight, you’ll be able to set targets to help you get there. But targets also work in the sense of parts of your body you’re particularly interested din changing. Want a six pack? Then you’ll need to focus on abdominal exercises. Want toned legs? Running and cycling will help. These target areas can be targeted with different forms of exercise, which you can learn more about online. 


There are many myths about eating and exercise. But one of the consistent truths is that you need to control your diet if you want to lose weight. Meanwhile, to build muscle and facilitate faster recovery, you’ll want to increase the protein in your diet, especially immediately after exercising. These factors will also help you get in shape come the summer of 2022. 

These key tips will set you off on some of those key new year targets: losing weight, getting in shape, and looking good when you hit the beach in summer 2022. 

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