Getting The Most Out Of Your Garden

Posted May 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

As Spring has noted, working on your garden is proven to greatly improve your mental health, self-confidence and also the value of your home. There are many of us who plan to use our outdoor living spaces, especially as we move closer towards the warmer months. Regardless of whether your outdoor space has limited open-air space, it is an  extension of your home. Some of today’s outdoor living areas include everything an occupant may need. The lounging area, eating area, and maybe even an entertainment space is similar to what you have indoors.

Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to have an extensive outdoor living area. Whether you have a tiny patio, small balcony or a petite deck, you can convert it into a practical, attractive and fun outdoor space with which to enjoy. Why not review these simple tips so as to provide your limited outdoor space with the presence it deserves.

One of the first things you will need to establish, and before you start, is to determine exactly what you intend to use your outdoor living space for. Do you need to buy furniture, refresh the garden layout, or provide a play area for the little ones? Planning is the key element to maximise your outdoor living space so that it will suit your family’s requirements.

Think Scale and Symmetry

Consider introducing different elements for your outdoor area, such as accessories, furniture, and pot plants. If you only have a single chair outside, it might be too sparse. But, just as crucially, don’t go overboard with implementing too many ideas – make sure you have enough room outside to easily move around without stumbling over your newly purchased accessories and furniture.

This situation requires a well-proportioned outdoor area, using furniture that not only fits comfortably within your outdoor space but is stylish and practical as well. It is wise to add accessories one at a time to avoid that cluttered look. Use similar scaled items, so your outside area does not appear overwhelmed – always furnish outside, utilising the dimensions of your yard. Create the desired balance you require through colours, shapes, and textures – regardless of the item used outdoors.

If you want to make your outdoor space more inviting and comfortable, consider installing Teak Garden Furniture. The natural beauty of this hardwood makes it an excellent choice for any type or size backyard!

Think About Your Family’s Lifestyle

Before you begin a redesign of your outdoor area, decide exactly what you want your garden to achieve. Are you an outside entertainer? More family-focused? Are you a keen kitchen gardener?

Outdoor garden and living experts always advise you to list all the possibilities that you would want and need from your garden. You can usually achieve your desired look yourself without having to enlist the help of professional landscaping companies; equally don’t be afraid to ask for help from your local garden centre, where the experts can review your ideas and provide some practical and proficient advice.

Minimal is Fitting

Planning a soothing and restful garden in a small area might be somewhat crowded, but it is certainly achievable. You can convert an empty patio into a stylish and sophisticated outdoor escape with the right outdoor furniture. Working with a smaller garden can often encourage you to think outside of the box to find creative solutions for your space.

Even for the smallest of outdoor gardens, keep ideas simple. A few key furniture pieces and a potted plant or two will suffice. An outdoor dining setting can be used for entertaining and eating, therefore making your small outdoor garden space remarkably versatile. Outdoor heating can also mean it is not just a treat for the warmer months.

Use Space Saving Techniques – and use them Sensibly

Plan your outdoor garden and furniture combination by choosing fitting pieces while opting for those space-saving layouts. Let’s assume you fancy an outdoor dining area or a conversation spot to have a coffee with friends and family or simply a relaxing outdoor lounge space. There are several compact outdoor furniture choices for all of these scenarios to design the most suitable combination.

Grant both yourself and your house guests valuable breathing room by using functional furniture that will easily fold up and can be stored away when not in use. Folding chairs and a table can be brought out for that intimate dinner or you can store them in the cupboard when you simply want to enjoy a sunny and relaxing afternoon in your outdoor lounge.

Outdoor furniture that comfortably fills your outdoor space will be more beneficial than loads of smaller pieces. Only keep pots, plants, and furniture that offer your outdoor garden area a clean and simple appearance all year-round. And make sure you do not cramp things in, as this will only make the limited space you have, appear even smaller.

Even if you are not a particularly outdoorsy type, even the most minor effort put into your garden can have a real impact on the value of your home. Valuations can be checked for through companies such as Spring, but so many of the additional benefits of a well maintained outdoor area are invaluable. Whether you are planning to move or are considering it further down the line, having the comfort of a well kept garden and place to relax in your home that also brings value to your property is always useful.

*Photos by cottonbro