Getting Used to a New Dog in Your Household

Posted November 10, 2022 by in Lifestyle
couple holding dog

Bringing a dog home can be a lovely new milestone in your life, and may even complete your family unit in the best way. You’ve decided on the best pet for you, purchased all of the important equipment you need like a doggy cage, a bed, food and water bowls, and ample amounts of newspaper as they train to only perform their business outside in your garden.

That said, as you grow as an owner, taking them to training and generally create your bond with your animal, it’s important to consider the effect this will have on your household. For instance, a poorly ventilated home can sometimes smell like dog, particularly if you live in a wetter climate where their musk becomes even more pungent. 

Moreover, some dogs need to be trained away from chewing on everything and jumping/clawing on or at all of your furniture. So, let’s consider how to get used to that dog in your household, and also how to limit some of their boisterous activities. This can help you become a more comfortable and reliable pet owner going forward: 

couple holding new dog in house

Cleaning & Keeping The Household In Good Shape

Anyone that has owned a dog knows how much they can leave an imprint on a household, often by molting their hair during the spring and summertime, as well as generally being a little ball of fur that traipses around the house all day. This is why it can be useful to set a cleaning effort in stone, including plenty of vacuuming. Alternatively, you might use a worthwhile service to help make things easier, such as Highland Park Housekeeping, in the best possible way.

No-Go Areas

No-go areas you set up to prevent your dog from jumping on expensive equipment or hurting themselves can be worthwhile. Of course, the simplest of these is a safety gate at the bottom and top of your staircase while they’re puppies, this can prevent them from trying to make that massive climb and injuring their still-developing joints in that way.

On top of these measures, another effective solution to consider is investing in the best wireless dog fence. This innovative solution provides a safe and secure boundary for your dog, allowing them to explore without accessing areas where they could cause damage or harm themselves. So, along with using dog-safe covers for certain furniture, a wireless dog fence can significantly help in managing your dog’s movement within your home.

Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners, such as special cleaning machines, powders and deep washers can help you penetrate the fibers of your carpet. This is important because puppies tend not to understand the value of your carpet when they learn to live inside a house, nor do they really understand your preference for performing their business outside just yet. They can still be well trained and have the odd accident, eat a bit too much grass outside out of curiosity and vomit, or drool when they sleep. 

That’s not a pretty picture to leave you with, but we hope understanding this can help you make the preparations laid out above, so if it does happen you don’t have to live with the consequences too long. It’s just the price we pay for having a furry friend, and they tend to grow out of it as they get older. Hey – you try living with a family of another species for the first time, some of them more than ten times your size. You might forget about inner decorum for a few years, too. Jokes aside, we’re sure you’ll plan for this correctly.

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With this advice, you’re sure to get used to a new dog in your household.