Getting Your Cottage’s Exterior Ready for Spring

Posted March 31, 2022 by in Home
Backyard of modern residential villa with comfy wicker furniture and tropical plants

While the flowers may not have yet bloomed, spring officially begins at the end of March, and you might be eagerly anticipating a return to the cottage once the warmer weather fully arrives.

Whether your cottage is only seasonal, or a year-round property like these luxury Muskoka cottages for sale, you may find a laundry list of chores ready for you come spring time, and many of them take place outside of the cottage itself.

From dirty patios to gutter inspection, here are some essential outdoor cottage clean-up tips to help make your early cottage spring cleaning the best yet, leaving you ready to relax when the warmer weather fully arrives.

Sun lounger placed in garden with lush exotic plants

Inspect the Eaves and Gutters

Leaves, branches, and other assorted debris can catch and collect itself in the gutters over winter, leading to a backup in the drainage system once the ice and snow begin to melt. This is especially true if your eaves weren’t thoroughly cleaned in the fall before winter conditions struck.

What’s more, ice dams can form themselves in the gutters during winter, expanding and pressing themselves in and under the siding of your cottage and roof. This means when the ice melts, potential leak issues can seep into your home. It’s a good idea to check for any signs of leakage both inside and outside the home, especially before the April showers begin.

Check the Roof

While you’re up to checking the eaves, take a peek onto the roof. Harsh winter conditions like ice and heavy winds can damage your shingles. Check them out to ensure there are no signs of rotting, warping, or other signs of damage.

Deck and Patio

The cottage life is about spending as much time in the great outdoors as you can. But a winter’s worth of nature’s elements can stir up unfavourable conditions for sitting out on the deck and patio.

Moss, mildew, mould, and other seasonal grime can form themselves through all the excess moisture and dirt buildup from melted snow. Cleaning your deck off with safe outdoor cleaners will help keep the grime at bay and have your deck fresh for the season.

While you’re out cleaning a deck made of wood, inspect it for worn, rough, and splintered boards, as they can lead to unpleasant splinters in unprotected feet. It’s a good idea to replace or repair these boards before you decide to apply something like a sealant to ensure your deck has an even coating.

Don’t Forget the Patio Furniture

It’s great if your deck and patio are shiny and clean, but don’t forget about the furniture you’ll be sitting on out there! Nobody wants to sit on a dirty seat.

Whether you let your outdoor furniture sit out year-round or need to dust them off when they’re coming out of seasonal storage, chances are they’re going to need a wipe down. 

If your chairs are plastic, a good hosing down will likely suffice, while more finely crafted wooden Muskoka chairs may require more of a treatment.

Deckchair placed on green lawn near lush tropical plants in backyard

If you’re planning to do this cleaning on your deck or patio, it’s a good idea to hit this step before cleaning off those surfaces; otherwise, you’ll have to clean your deck twice! Once everything is squeaky clean, consider some outdoor lighting to give your space a bohemian feel.