Getting Your First Solar Installation Right

Posted August 24, 2022 by in Home
person installing solar panels

The decision to shift to solar power is one that very few people have regretted. From virtually every angle, ranging from economic to functionality, solar power far outpaces grid electricity and diesel power by far. However, many people fear installing solar because they lack the basic knowledge of what solar installation is and how to go ahead with it. You need a solar company that is reputable and reliable to make your solar power installation seamless. 

Why Solar Power Is the Right Choice

The first step to understanding solar installation is to first understand the benefits. For starters, solar power is in your hands and you don’t need to rely on a power company or utility company to provide you with power. Once you have all systems installed, you only need to rely on the sun and your equipment to work properly. 

Despite solar power costing an average of about $45000 per household, this cost is basically a savings when you consider all other factors. For one, you get to say goodbye to power bills. On average, most households spend about $150-$170 per month and this figure will go higher as climate change leads to lower hydroelectric power generation and a ban on fossil fuel power generation. 

With solar power you can expect your home’s value to go higher since installing solar power significantly improves the utility value of any home. This increase can sometimes be more than triple the investment in solar and therefore, a $45000 spend can translate to over $100,000 in extra home value. Los Angeles solar companies will tend to drive this point home to convince you of the cost benefits of installing solar.

Components of Solar Power System

There are four basic components of a solar power system and these are the solar panels, batteries, inverters and the grid network. Though all these components are crucial, it is the solar panels that actually produce solar electricity through the conversion of solar energy to electric energy. This process occurs in the photovoltaic cells contained in the solar panels. The arrangement and number of layers of these photovoltaic cells affects the efficacy of the solar panels. Some latest solar panels can produce viable electricity even with minimal to zero sunlight as they have highly advanced photovoltaic cells. The best solar panel companies have several options available to their potential clients to help them better understand which one will work best for them. 

The inverters convert the electricity into alternating current, which can safely be used within households. The inverters size also affects the amount of electricity that you can use store. The battery is the next important component because it stores excess electricity for later use when there is no sunlight. For complete energy freedom, you will need a battery that can store maximum electric energy. 

The grid network connects all the crucial components and in more advanced systems it allows for better automation of your systems. The more solar power you produce, the more components you can add to your grid. Most users choose to start small and add more solar panels and batteries the more their energy needs increase. 

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