Gift Guide—Ditch the Usual Gift Ideas and Consider These 8 Options Instead

Posted March 10, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Gifts are exciting. Whether you’re young or old, receiving a gift gives you that pleasure and sense of surprise. While most gifts do evoke their share of surprise and pleasure, we’ve all had our share of disappointments as well after opening a fancily wrapped gift only to find another necktie or figurine inside. 

Then there are the usual greeting cards where it is just your name and the giver’s name that is handwritten, and that’s it. Sometimes there’s some money inside, while most of the time, it is just a card. But again, it is the thought that matters, isn’t it?

Thankfully, with online marketplaces today, you can expect better and more unique gifts that you can look forward to opening, displaying, and even utilizing. There are a lot of one-of-a-kind things that can be personalized and can show your personality and interests:

Animal-Themed Ceramic Planters 

This is an ideal gift for your green thumb friend who also shares the same love for animals. These planters come in various animal shapes so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from a set of dogs, cats, and even horses. It is the perfect size to add some whimsy to your home. These planters are perfect for herbs, cacti, or even succulents.

Cute and Utilitarian Drinkware 

An excellent choice for people that love their tea, coffee, beer, or other drinks. When it comes to drinkware, there are innumerable options from plain, matte, and masculine designs to sparkly, and color-changing tumblers with your name on them. You can also opt for insulated drinkware to keep drinks hot or cold. This usable and stand-out gift depending on the design you choose would indeed become part of the receiver’s daily must-haves.

Charger on the Go 

Everyone can use an extra phone charger, so giving a travel phone charger is always a practical choice. You can still use a dedicated charger for your office or car, and most likely, the person you are giving this to will have the same idea. You can either choose a car charger or the conventional charger that includes several different adapters and cables. This may not stand out, but it is one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

Tie-Dye Mask Kit 

Combine the two latest trends today, the facial mask and everything tie-dye. This gift set usually comes with three pieces of plain adult masks and dyes that you can use. This activity gift will help unleash the recipient’s creativity. Perfect for fun and casual weekends, these tie-dye masks can complement a colorful ensemble or be the pop of color for an all-black, gray, and white outfit.

Egift Cards 

Traditional gift cards are always appreciated but go a step ahead and make the presentation and the reward unique and exciting. It can be by posing a challenge or a scavenger hunt. As well, make it more interesting by including egift cards that are not common. It can be a gift card to for a camera retailer to inspire or support their love of photography, a egift card to a home improvement store so they can always have the basics of gardening on hand, or even one for a craft store to celebrate their love of decorating cupcakes.

There are many options to choose from, and as they are accepted almost everywhere, and for most every product or service, the options for creativity are equally as endless. 

Personalized Yoga Mats 

Give your loved one a better workout and meditation session with yoga mats that are distinct. Yoga mats today are available in a burst of vibrant colors, with some having artwork designs and words of inspiration. A go-to gift for a fitness junkie sibling or best bud.

Terrarium Candles 

Another stand-out gift for a person who loves candles and the soothing aromatherapy that goes with plus the relaxing therapy of plants. Candles shaped like plants set in terrariums are simply a pretty sight. This one would rightfully find its spot in the living room or master bedroom.

Tibetan Singing Bowls 

Getting some needed R&R regularly is important, especially with all the stress and negativity happening around. This is a special gift that can help in spiritual healing and meditation. The gift itself may influence the receiver to learn more about peace and creative thinking. The sound and vibrations from a Tibetan Singing Bowl can envelop the whole area with serenity and calmness.

This 2021, step away from regular, boring presents and add excitement and thrill when giving out presents. You should be able to achieve a genuine “Wow!” from the receiver and a happy and even curious smile from your loved one. Ditch the greeting cards or still give one but make sure the card accompanies any of the suggestions listed above.

*Photos by Skylar Kang