Gift Ideas for Salon Employees

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Career

When the holidays come, it’s common to give your salon employees gifts to show your appreciation for their work to represent your salon and help grow the business. Small businesses often exist like families, with all employees getting close to each other due to the amount of time they spend together. When your employees are like family, you want a gift idea that will be personal and welcomed while also keeping their profession at the heart of the gift.

Here are a few gift ideas for your salon employees:

Hands holding up salon tools

Gift Set

Give each of your employees a nail buffer set for themselves. Your employees may neglect themselves by always taking care of others to help them look and feel beautiful, but they are the most important people they should be taking care of for their own benefit. Gifting the best nail buffer on the market and buffing cream, nail buffer, and buffer block will remind them that they are essential and beautiful.

You could also get them a hair care gift set, a waxing gift set, or a skin care gift set. You can personalize the gift set for each employee and their particular needs and interests.


If you have the budget for it, you can take the theme of self-care a step further and arrange for each of them to be pampered. Instead of a holiday party, you can plan a spa party and bring in professionals from another salon to give your employees manicures, pedicures, massages, or other services you think they may enjoy.

You can bring other professionals into your business or take all of your employees to another company with a full day of services provided. Pedicures and foot massages are excellent for employees on their feet all day long.


Give all of your employees a few paid days off. Close your salons so no one has to work, and post for your customers to know that you closed the salon for a couple of days so your employees can take a much-needed break. Paying them for the days off will alleviate the financial stress of taking a day off from work. It will be up to your employees to either spend those days leaving the area for an actual vacation or spend the time at home resting or with family and friends.

The gift is the freedom to spend those days doing what they love most without worrying about losing income.


If your employees must buy their supplies as a business expense, give them the gift of supplies or a gift certificate to purchase supplies. While the gift isn’t personal for them, it will cut down on their expenses and make more profit around the holidays, which will be appreciated. Giving your employees the supplies they need for their business is helping them promote themselves and grow. You can also work with suppliers to gift your employees new products that are just coming to the market like professional hair cutting tools that they may want to try out themselves to see if their customers may like them—if you buy in bulk, they may even give you a discount.

Choosing gifts for your employees will depend on several factors, including how many employees you have and your budget for gifting. You can also choose to host a holiday party to give out gifts or give them gifts without the obligation of attending a party. Gifting food or gift cards for food around the holidays are always a great bonus for hard work.

Hairstylist shampooing a client at a shampoo bowl

If you do plan to have a holiday party, consider allowing them to bring family or guests for a fun night out with the people they love instead of another night away from their families.

*Photos by Adam Winger