Gift Ideas for the Man Who Loves a Good Drink

Posted January 28, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Copper Bartending Tools on Table

Online shopping is a great way to find fun gifts for men. In less than the time it takes to drive to a mall, you can point and click your way to a super awesome gift that he’s just gonna love.  (I love saving time and energy these days….)

Now, we can come up with so many ideas to consider when looking for the perfect man gift.  But this article would be longer than some books.  So, let’s narrow it down and come up with some perfect gifts for the beverage drinker in your life. 

Here are some top-selling gifts for men who love a good drink. Many of these gift ideas are affordable and can be delivered free to your home.

Photo of Man Holding Glass of Liquor

Lager and Beer Drinkers

 This fun giant glass is may be a bit over the top, but it’s a fun gift for a beer drinker. You can purchase this online for as low as ten pounds. It will keep your man hydrated while watching football. This giant beer glass can hold up to two and a quarter pints at a time. That means less trips to get refills!

In addition, if your man likes wine as well, there’s a wine drinker option to consider.

Home Brew Lovers

Our next gift idea will delight the man who loves to make his beer. Mr. Beer Refills provides all the tools you need to make your beer, stout or ale. This kit is great for hobbyists who love to create their recipes. Who knows!  You just might create the next best brew for the world to savor!

The retro mini fridge is another great gift idea for men. This gift is perfect for the bachelor or any man who has his own office or gaming room. With it’s cut down mini size, the retro fridge is an awesome addition that won’t take much space but allow him to store a few of his favorite items close by. It can hold up to a few bottles of wine or spirits and can even store 24 330 ml bottles.

Something on the Rocks

You can treat the scotch or spirit-loving drinker to novelty ice cubes. Give them something to spice up the next mixed drink they create! They chill the drink and keep the drink colder than standard  ice cubes will ever do. Plus, they looks great and can be mixed with any beverage.

The Ice Maker is an excellent idea for ice-making in the home, at parties, or in commercial settings. In ten minutes, the ice maker can a pile of ice cubes in any size you choose. The ice maker is very quiet and will never let you down! You can quickly and easily refill the container if your stash of then gets low.

For another twist of the ice make options, how about a bullet ice cube tray for the hunter or military man in your life? The bullet ice cube tray might be the perfect gift. These ice cube trays make stunning-looking bullets out of ice and are ideal for anyone looking for a unique way to enjoy a cocktail. This is a great gift to add to any birthday gift list. If your friend is a smoke lover, you can choose wine bottles, pipes  like the cool stuff here

Bartending Tools

Now, if your guy is just becoming a Master at Mixology, perhaps you might want to consider some bartending tools for them?  How about a cocktail shaker set for them to setup at home?  Or perhaps a travel bartender kit—which is something that they can take when on the road.  Both of these give him the tools to make seriously delicious drinks and have a bit of style when doing so.

A Karaoke Machine

If you have a bit of extra money to spend on this gift, karaoke machines are a great idea. Karaoke is a great way to spice up a party hosted by a friend or family member. The combination of alcohol and singing karaoke plus out-of-tune friends can bring endless laughter to the party. 

There are plenty of options for finding a great gift for birthdays or holidays for the bachelor man in your life.  And best of all, whatever you give you’ll get to enjoy the results of what he makes. Bottoms up!

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