Gifts for the Home Enthusiast: Explore Handcrafted Porch Swings and More

Posted November 20, 2023 by in Home
outdoor porch swing during summer

The gift of a handcrafted outdoor porch swing or porch swing bed offers more than a stylish addition to your loved one’s porch, patio, or outdoor space. It gives them physical and mental benefits that last a lifetime. 

After all, when a gift is custom-made with outstanding care, it delivers much more than the sum of its parts, and some of the best furniture in the world comes from Amish and Mennonite woodworkers. The Porch Swing Company sources its handcrafted swings, hanging daybeds, and gliders from these communities because their craftsmen polish their art over generations to create gifts designed to bring joy for a lifetime.

The gift of a handcrafted outdoor porch swing transforms an outdoor space

Outdoor porch swings from the Porch Swing Company become the focal pieces of any porch or patio. They are an outstanding gift in themselves, but they go further to transform everything around them.

Because craftsmanship is integral to Amish culture, each exquisite piece they create is a statement. They start by sourcing beautiful wood and ensuring it is wholly free of knots and blemishes.

In contrast to factory-made furniture, the Amish believe in doing things by hand, employing saws, hammers, and chisels in place of machines. Their handiwork is unique, and each outdoor porch swing, swing bed, glider, rocking chair, pergola, and swing stand from the Porch Swing Company is a masterpiece.

Part of the statement lies in each piece’s personality and style. The Porch Swing Company offers a wide variety of lines with just the right outdoor porch swing or porch swing bed for everyone, whether your taste runs to the ultra-modern or classic farmhouse. An eye-catching porch swing or hanging porch swing bed makes a personal statement and creates the exact environment you envision.

For example, the Bradford Farmhouse Style Daybed Swing, the Porchgate Amish Heavy Duty Boardwalk Porch Swing, and the Hampton Swing Bed are all crafted with high-quality, Grade A kiln-dried yellow pine and share subtle styling to evoke the rustic and classic feel of simpler days gone by. By contrast, a streamlined modern porch swing bed with thin slats, no armrests, the addition of industrial pipes, and sleek black or white paint can add a one-of-a-kind style to your contemporary home.

In addition, each outdoor porch swing and hanging swing bed from the Porch Swing Company is customizable. Because each piece is made to order, you choose the stain, paint color, and finish that turn a porch or patio into the outdoor oasis you have always pictured. Along with a swing, you are ultimately giving the gift of a breezy beach house lanai, a chic boho patio, a cottage veranda, or a rustic lodge porch.

An outdoor porch swing or porch swing bed offers the gift of relaxation

Traditionally, necessity drove the creation of each piece of Amish furniture. Each item was crafted to serve an important purpose in the home. In the case of a porch swing bed, the purpose is relaxation.

Having a hanging porch swing bed is like having a private, tranquil refuge where you can escape the stresses of the day. It improves your quality of life, provides equilibrium in the chaos of regular routines, and literally rocks your stress away.

In addition to the soothing motion of an outdoor porch bed, you receive the gift of the outdoors.  Outdoor swings draw you outside and allow you to bask in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

Porch swings provide the outdoor peace most only enjoy indoors, and a comfortable porch swing brings the living room onto your porch. It’s so much more than the gift of comfortable seating — it’s the gift of the morning sunrise and bird songs with a cup of coffee, sitting dry and warm while listening to a rain patter on the porch roof, and relaxing after a long day’s work.

The gift of a handcrafted outdoor porch swing is the gift of time with friends and family

Swings are not just for reading or sipping a cool drink alone. They are the gift of a place to talk with guests on a sunny summer day.

Whether its design is classic or modern, rustic or chic, any swing or swing bed is an instant family favorite when you add a soft mattress and plenty of pillows. Just as furniture is built for a lifetime at the Porch Swing Company, their Cushion Perfect cushion options feature Sunbrella’s premium outdoor fabric that is guaranteed to look fantastic season after season.  

Porch swings are the place where memories are made. They are where couples find refuge in a cup of coffee before the workday, where parents greet kids as the school bus arrives, and visitors meet during a summer BBQ. Time with family and friends strengthens bonds and brings joy into the home. There is no better gift than that!