Gifts Ideas for Cycle Enthusiasts—the Cyclist in Your Life will Love These

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If you have friends who are fond of cycling, then the best gift for them would be an accessory for their favorite hobby. Cycling enthusiasts will be delighted to use the useful accessories and will thank you again and again. Browse the best present ideas here –

Let’s figure out how to make cycling as comfortable and safe as possible. For example, so that there are no problems with a sudden puncture, somewhere thirty kilometers from home, or a feeling of discomfort after two hours in the saddle. Let’s list and, using examples, explain what vital accessories are worth purchasing with the purchase of a bicycle or just like that.

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Pump – it is better not to leave the house without this accessory, because you can get into a situation where the wheel is punctured and after the camera is glued, there will be nothing to pump up the wheel. We advise you to pay attention to a compact telescopic bicycle pump, of the same size it will be easier and faster to pump a wheel with it than with a conventional mini pump. That is why, on the scale of practicality, a bicycle pump comes first with us.

A set of patches or a spare bicycle camera – being in the woods with a punctured wheel far from home is not the best prospect. To avoid such a situation, we recommend that you always carry such a first aid kit with you, besides, it takes up a minimum of space, usually, this kit includes side vanes, glue, and camera patches. A spare camera is easiest to carry in a saddlebag, or in a backpack behind your back.

A multitool or a set of hexagons – maintenance of a bicycle without such a tool is basically impossible. These kits include all the tools you need to tweak and adjust key knots on the go or at home.

Bicycle headlight – if you are planning a long ride or just going out in the evening, be sure to take a bicycle flashlight. It will allow you to move with comfort in the dark and will ensure safety while driving on the road. The bright LED bike lights are worth highlighting. They are more economical and, at the moment, quite bright. Also, note that the headlamp is easily removable. You can always dismantle it without tools if you ride during the day.

A bicycle rear flasher is a basic element of road safety. Going onto the road without a bicycle light, especially at night, is a big mistake. The bicycle flasher allows other drivers to recognize you, which increases the safety of your movement on the roads.

Fenders kit – If you like to ride often and in any weather, ride in your casual clothes, or commute to work, bike fenders will be a lifesaver for you.

Bicycle grease – For proper transmission performance and long service life, we recommend using special bicycle greases for different types of weather and riding conditions.

Bicycle lock – locks come in different lengths with different fastening mechanisms, as well as the degree of protection. Leaving the bike fastened with the lock, you should remember that such protection is suitable only for short-term storage. We have already written how to choose a lock for a bicycle in the article “How to protect a bicycle from theft”, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it in order not to become a victim of a great theft.

Bicycle computer – used to find out the current/maximum/average speed or statistics of mileage. You can, of course, buy a speedometer for a bike, but it will not give you the full picture that a good bike computer gives you. There are two types of cycling computers, wireless are more expensive but more convenient models, and wired are budget options that will make you tinker with wiring.

A bike flask or a hydrator – these accessories are a must for anyone who rides a bike. Drinking water while cycling and staying hydrated is very important. There are many varieties of flasks and bottle cages, they can be matched to any bike, they are not expensive at all. Also, there are thermal flasks designed for warm or hot water. We would like to draw your attention to a hydrator or a drinking system. It is much more convenient than a jar of water. The drinking system (hydrator) is a plastic container into which liquid is poured and a flexible drinking tube. Nowadays, almost all backpacks have an outlet for a hydration tube. In summer, cycling or just hiking is very convenient. Pour cold water into the hydrator, add ice and enjoy cold water for 4-5 hours. By the way, in each article, we give a small life hack from our team, and so, you can pour not only water into the hydrator, especially when you go to football.

A cycling backpack – is a very useful thing both for city driving and for cycling trips. For long hikes, a trunk bike bag is a good choice. It is spacious, comfortable, easy to use, and reliable. A small steering wheel bag is ideal for the city, in which you can put your phone, keys, and money. A slightly larger bicycle bag on the frame, a repair kit, and a basic set of tools will already fit into it. In terms of convenience and comfort for 100-300 km rides, the best thing is a bicycle backpack for 12-15 liters. Why? You will not put a lot of unnecessary things into it, it is lightweight, does not rub your back and it is very convenient to drink water from a hydrator. There are a variety of models that will suit you in color and shape.

Helmet – a bicycle helmet is not just an accessory, it is your safety. Many are embarrassed to wear it and this is a big problem because many times you can hear the story from real life when a bicycle helmet saved a life. You can worry as much as you want about your appearance in a helmet, but this will be nothing compared to the experiences that can arise after a fall and hitting your head. Moreover, modern bicycle helmets are very diverse in appearance and are an image part of cycling equipment.

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