Give an Unforgettable Wedding Toast with These 8 Tips

Posted April 15, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Wedding toasts are a lot of fun to listen to but might not be so much fun to prepare. That’s because you might not know how to prepare a good wedding toast. Questions like, “Does it have to be funny? If yes, how funny? What all stories should I tell? How should I make it entertaining without stepping on anybody’s toes?” can give you sleepless nights. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight superb tips to help you give the best wedding toast ever. Let’s check them out! 

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Start with an Introduction 

Whether you are toasting at a small wedding or a big celebration, it’s unlikely that every guest will know who you are. So start by introducing yourself and telling the crowd how you know the bride or groom. Understanding your relationship with them will help the guests enjoy your toast better. 

Follow with a Story 

Everybody loves stories. The easiest way to come up with the best story is to recall the most fun moments you’ve shared with the bride or groom. If you don’t have a worthwhile anecdote about your relationship with them, you can brainstorm with your other friends to share something about their relationship with each other. 

Keep it Funny

It’s no secret that the best wedding toasts have the right amount of humour sprinkled on heartfelt stories. You don’t want to overdo it with inside jokes that only you and the groom or the bride understand. And make sure the jokes aren’t too embarrassing for the couple or the attendees. 

Embrace The Sentiments 

A wedding toast is a way to convey your deep emotions of love and care for your friend or family member who is getting married. Don’t run away from getting sentimental in your speech. You can also bring a keepsake or a picture that symbolises your relationship with them to take it even further. 

Don’t Forget the Other Half

You’re giving a toast at your little brother’s wedding, and in the excitement of it all, you forget to address his better half in your speech. To avoid such embarrassment, make sure you present your toast to the couple and not the individual. If you don’t know his spouse at all, consider reaching out to her kith and kins to get some insights on her. 

Less is More

You might have hours of stories to tell about your girl best friend, but it’s best to keep your toast short. Keeping this in mind will help you prepare a toast that has the most important stories you want to tell in the least amount of words. 


You’re giving a toast on somebody’s special day, and you don’t want to fumble and forget. So make sure you practice it a few times, so it comes up as heartfelt as possible. It would be even better if you could memorise it. Instead of looking at the paper all the time, you will be able to make eye contact with the audience while delivering it. 


Giving a toast feels like a huge honour and a responsibility, and feeling nervous is natural. But the trick is to keep it warm and sincere. When delivering your toast, make sure you take in the happy vibes of the place and pose for the Adelaide wedding photographers. Read the full info here about wedding planning and taking photos. 

Over to You

Wedding toasts are one of the most memorable parts of the big day. You might be pretty close to the couple getting married, but it can feel quite overwhelming when you’re asked to toast their special day. We hope this article helps you prepare a special wedding toast for your friends and family. 

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