Give Your Bedroom a Fun Makeover With These Tips

Posted August 22, 2023 by in Home

From childhood all the way into adulthood, our bedrooms are a refuge, that special place we can go to escape the busy outside world and catch a few hours of blissful sleep. For many of us, the bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep in, it’s also where we read books, watch TV, listen to music, play games, and do our heavy thinking. Despite all its comforting charms, sometimes we need a bit of a change, so why not consider giving this trusty sanctuary a fun makeover?

Let’s start with the centrepiece, the bed itself. If you have already determined it’s the most comfortable thing in the world, then leave the mattress and frame as is, but you can still change things up by switching out the bedding for something new and exciting! Our beddings of choice are the 100% natural linens Bedtonic has to offer! There are plenty of attractive colours and patterns to choose from to suit any tastes. Not only are linen beddings cosy and comfortable, they have many health benefits as well, such as being hypo-allergenic and breathable, perfect for a blissful and rejuvenating slumber.

The next thing you might want to do is to rearrange the furniture. Try scooting the bed up against a wall to provide more sitting and walking space. Other bedroom furnishings such as dressers, vanities, and chairs can all be moved about to give the room a fresh new look. 

Depending on your flooring, you might want to add some plush throw rugs to warm and soothe bare feet. Rugs come in all kinds of patterns and colours, try to match your new bedding, or mix it up, whatever makes you feel good! Your new rug might even be so cosy you will want to curl up on it for a nap instead of the bed! 

You can shed some new light on things by replacing your humdrum old fixtures with stylish new lighting! Most bedrooms feature an overhead light that by default looks as dull and nondescript as possible, switch that boring old relic out for something colourful and bright that makes turning on that switch an exciting new experience! Don’t forget to add some bright, handy reading lights, a wall-mounted adjustable lamp above your pillow makes that good book look even better.

Your bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, you can make it a fun place all day long!

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