Give your Career a Boost Complimenting your Psychology Major with a Minor Program

Posted December 19, 2020 by in Career

Research by the U.S. Bureau of Local Statistics suggests the flexibility of working in different environments. Whether it is the medical settings, educational services, or private practices- psychologists are leaving no stone unturned. With such great career options, it becomes vital for a student looking out to pursue a career in psychology. Undertaking such a course enables them to explore a bag of options before embarking upon the selection process of one. 

Psychologists can undertake a career in any field. But, a person looking out to have a license or certification in the field of psychology must have a doctoral degree, which begins right from the bachelor’s level. The education counselors suggest adding a minor to your psychology majors. They believe that employing a complimentary choice helps in playing with the integration of the field using some scientific, behavioral, and developmental disciplines.

Many universities nowadays allow students to pursue academic minors. Indulging in such subject combinations enables them to have a better choice and adds to professional skill in the subject matter. Also, the college minor works well in representing the secondary field of study while gaining knowledge in a college minor. Adding such an option is like pursuing majors in psychology; the only difference lies with attending fewer classes. 

Now that you’re thinking about what your choices should be for the minor while pursuing a major in psychology, sticking to us seems like a good option at first. Yes, let’s get started with some options that can give your career a boost:

Statistics and Mathematics

Not all psychologists give a thought to having their patients on a comfy couch. Some people with a degree in psychology lookout for a more research-oriented career. Yes, psychologists can work in a wide variety of fields. These might be in academics, government, public, or a private research institution for attaining a comprehensive study of the human mind and behavior.

A minor in statistics can work well with a psych major in the research field, collect and analyze data, or prepare reports on the psychological findings.

Social Sciences

The social science department works in close association with psychology schools. A person with a psychology major may have the opportunity of working with or studying a wide variety of people- either or in groups. A person with a social science minor in the field of anthropology or sociology can work well in providing the psych major with human interactions knowledge. 

Child Development

Educational, developmental, and school psychologists function with young people. Their work lies in aiding them in the solving of some behavioral and emotional issues. Thus, if you’re looking out as a psychologist career wherein you think of working in a close association with children.

Opting for a minor in human development or child behavior will work wonders in complimenting your selection for majors. Indulging in such a program choice will help in giving you a glimpse of the educational background which you will need in the later stages of your study. 

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Human biology, foreign languages, nutrition, and criminal justice are some other options that can be on a minor program wishlist. All you’ve to do is select the minor with some prerequisites and gain some knowledge and experience in the subject matter area.

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