Give Your Home a Winter Makeover Without Going Broke — Here’s How!

Posted November 23, 2015 by in Home

Giving your home a makeover with each season is a fun idea, but things can quickly get expensive. However, changing it up during the harsh winter could be all you need to lift your spirits during the inevitable cold season. If you want to change up your decor this winter, consider the tips below. The tips in this guide will help you to give your home a winter makeover without going broke.

Pick a New Paint Color

Paint isn’t all that expensive, and you can make any room look totally different by picking a new paint color. Try to choose something that fits in with the winter theme. If you like cooler colors in your home, then silver/grey with a pop of color could work really well. However, if you’re into cozier, warm colors, beiges, taupes and browns can work. You should avoid pastels and anything too fluorescent. Rich colors are the way to go for winter.

Give Your Home a Winter Makeover Without Going Broke -- Here's How! //

Warm Up With Your Accessories

Warm up your home decor with your accessories. Include cushions, throws, and plenty of lamps to give your home a nice winter vibe. It should give the feeling of warmth when you look at a room, even if it isn’t all that warm inside! Create an atmosphere with your accessories and it’ll be the perfect place to get cozy for winter!

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Change Up Your Layout

Changing up your layout is completely free and a great way to update your home. There are some apps online that help you to decide on your layout, so you don’t have to put half as much work in! If you’re interested in different types of energy, it might be worth looking into the practice of feng shui. Not only will you makeover your home, you could makeover your life.

If you decide you need to replace an item of furniture, there are ways you can do this without going broke. Places like give you a finance option that can be useful.

Give Your Home a Winter Makeover Without Going Broke -- Here's How! //

Replace Your Curtains

Curtains are a must for winter. If you have blinds or sheer curtains up at the moment, pick something thicker and longer. Not only will this make any room feel much cozier, it’ll help to keep the heat in too. I suggest having 2 pairs of curtains; one thick pair for winter, and another for summer. You can then simply swap them as the seasons change.

Butterfly chair!

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Layer Up Different Textures

Layering up different textures is what winter is all about. It stops a room from feeling cold and uninhabited. Plus, it makes any room feel way more three dimensional. Make sure you find a way to include lots of different materials into your home decor. It won’t be too expensive to purchase a rug and maybe a few more items to incorporate texture.

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You can decorate your whole home without going broke this winter. Make it a lovely, cozy place to relax away from the bitter weather. Leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

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