Gluten-Free Protein Bars: A Yummy Alternative Snack for Those with Celiac Disease

Posted February 25, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

As you probably know, Celiac disease can make it difficult to absorb nutrients, so it’s good to have healthy snacking options with high amounts of protein and fiber. What we put into our body matters, and it’s important to make conscious choices that are both delicious and nutritious and won’t trigger any food sensitivities or allergic reactions.  Digestive issues are never pleasant, and celiac disease can be hard to adjust to when you’re first diagnosed. So many foods are unsafe, and the possibility of cross-contamination is very real. 

It can be hard to find satiating, healthy snacks that won’t trigger your gluten sensitivities. Gluten free protein bars are a terrific option to satisfy your hunger and delight your taste buds. 

Portable Snacks for Anytime, Anywhere

Gluten free protein bars can go where you do. Take one on the trail, to the gym for a post workout snack, or to work to quiet hunger pangs before lunch. If hunger strikes in the middle of a lengthy hike, you want something to sustain you until you’re back at the trailhead. 

Strenuous activity calls for serious fuel. A snack high in fiber and protein goes a long way to giving you the energy you need to finish your workout. The convenience of a bar that delivers all these things can’t be overstated.

Healthy is Great, but How Does it Taste?

We’ve all been there: you purchase nutrition bars at the store that promise to be delicious and fulfilling and they taste like cardboard. The disappointment is real! 

With gluten free protein bars, you don’t need to worry about that. Flavors such as mint chocolate brownie and mocha chocolate crisp, satisfy the dessert craving without the sugar crash. Dark chocolate almond, banana chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter chocolate chip perfectly balance sweet and salty. For a fruitier flavor, creamy blueberry vanilla hits the spot. 

This variety provides something for all tastes and proves you don’t need to sacrifice taste in favor of a healthy snack. Some flavors even have veggies like spinach and kale for an added boost.

Gluten Free Protein Bars Accommodate All Diets

If you’re vegan, rest assured that the plant-based varieties are free from animal products. They are allergy friendly as well (although not if you have nut allergies). 

Even if you’re not someone who needs to avoid gluten, gluten free products can be a nice alternative to your typical snack. Increased demand for products like these will ensure that more innovative products like this will be available for those who truly need it.

Convenience Without Forfeiting Quality

This all sounds great but there must be a catch, right?

Not this time! This is a nutritious way to get a high dose of fiber and protein while still being delicious. And you can rest assured that you won’t be exposed to gluten and there’s no cross contamination, because gluten free protein bars are made in a gluten free kitchen. Developed with food sensitivities in mind, you can enjoy these with your mind at ease.