Gonstead Chiropractic Method: A Brief Guide

Posted March 24, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Are you aware that the history of chiropractic care started in 1895? Today, there are more than 70 thousand chiropractors in the United States. These professionals share the same goal; to align patients’ musculoskeletal systems. However, they employ different methods. 

Do you know about the Gonstead method? What makes this method different from other chiropractic treatment techniques? And is it the best chiropractic technique for your body? 

Dr. Gonstead developed this method. He is considered one of the most influential doctors in the history of chiropractic treatment. This is due to his fifty-five years of experience in the industry. Dr Clarence Gonstead’s experience and comprehensive research led to the development of the Gonstead method. This technique is widely employed by various doctors today and is viewed as the standard of excellence in the sector. 

Read on to learn about the Gonstead Chiropractic method!

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What Is Gonstead Chiropractic?

There are various effective chiropractic methods; however, the Gonstead method is viewed as a Golden Standard. Why is that?

Many techniques aren’t specific but more generalized. They require the chiropractor to perform a standard routine of adjustments with the hope of fixing the misalignments. 

On the other hand, the Gonstead technique seems to be more specific. A chiropractor trained in this method will first assess x-rays to determine where the problem lies. This allows the chiropractic doctor to identify abnormalities like subluxation. 

The Gonstead Method

This method can be divided into five main elements. They include; 

1. X-Ray Analysis

Before your doctor starts treatment, they’ll begin by taking x-rays for an inside to examine your spine. This is done when you are standing to allow them to assess your normal posture. 

This analysis will also reveal any underlying problems such as disc generation or fractures that could be the cause of your discomfort. 

2. Static Palpitation

Next, your doctor will ask you to be in a static/stationary position so that he or she can feel your spine. 

He or she will feel each part of the spine for any tenderness, swelling, or heat. The chiropractor will also examine the soft tissues (ligaments and muscles) to identify any signs of injury or tightness. 

3. Motion Palpitation

In the next step, your chiropractor will ask you to move your body so that he or she can feel your spine. He or she will repeat this process to do all the tests he or she did while you were in a static position. 

The doctor may ask you to bend side-to-side, lean forward, stand, and sit. Ay you do, the chiropractor will feel different parts of your spine to determine how your vertebrae respond to your body movement. 

4. Nervoscope Instrumentation

The nervoscope instrumentation may sound intimidating; however, it’s pain-free equipment of choice for doctors. This instrument helps the chiropractor to find uneven heat distribution along your spine. 

A chiropractor will use gentle pressure to run the tool up and down a patient’s spine to look for inflammation or nerve pressure. 

5. Visualization

Finally, your doctor will use all other information to examine how you move, sit, and stand.  This information can allow the doctor to identify subtle abnormalities in your movements or posture. It will allow him or her to form a specific intervention plan or make an accurate diagnosis. 

Benefits of Gonstead Technique:

 If you choose the Gonstead method, you should enjoy various benefits, including the general advantages of other chiropractic methods. 

 These include:

  • This treatment method is designed based on the examination outcome conducted according to the five elements mentioned above. 
  • This method is more accurate and specific according to your treatment plan.
  • It helps reduce inflammation, also helps improves function, movement, and pain reduction. 
  • It helps in reducing migraines and headaches that you might experience.
  • It improves neurological conditions.
  • You don’t need for anesthetic
  • Improves in energy levels 
  • Reduces dependence on pain medications
  • Better sleep quality 

The number of sessions you require relies on your treatment plan, and your doctor can adjust it based on your response to treatment. 

Is it Right for You?

A patient doesn’t have to suffer from chronic back or neck pain. With many chiropractors in the United States, the care you require is always a call away. 

As you look for a doctor near you, ask the chiropractor if he or she is familiar with the Gonstead method. This could be the technique that you need for your body to heal!

The Gonstead method is the best treatment method for you since it will help reduce pain, lessen headaches, improve neurological conditions, improve your energy levels, reduce your dependence on pain medications, and you’ll have better quality sleep. Besides, the method is more accurate and specific to your treatment plan. Therefore, you should ask your doctor if he or she is familiar with this method today!