Great Citrine Accessory Ideas To Compliment Your Spring Outfit

Posted March 4, 2020 by in Fashion
Citrine earrings

Spring is quickly approaching and before you know it, flowers will be blooming and smells of citrus and lavender will replace peppermint and cinnamon. That means that it’s time to update your jewelry collection!

This season’s style calls for gorgeous citrine designs. Keep reading to get citrine accessory ideas that will keep you at the top of the fashion game this year:

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a yellow or orange-hued gemstone from the quartz family. The stone, while also being the birthstone for the month of November, represents manifestation, imagination, and personal will. What more do you need in 2020?

It’s worth reading more about the stone’s properties and powers. Learning more info about citrine will help you learn if it’s the right stone for you. 

Citrine is going to be big in the 2020 spring fashion season. Its warm tones give it a vintage feel that will work perfectly with the mom jeans and turtlenecks that we’re rocking this year. 

How to Care for Citrine Accessories

Citrine is a hearty stone. While you should avoid hitting it on things, it can be worn in water without fear of tarnishing or fading. Any commercial jewelry cleaner is fine to use on citrine jewelry, but make sure that you dry it completely after cleaning.

Avoid wearing your citrine pieces in the sun or in a hot area for long periods of time or it may begin to fade. Never wear citrine jewelry into a tanning bed. 

Citrine Accessory Ideas

If citrine is the right stone for you this year, you’ll want to find citrine accessories that complement every outfit. 

Citrine Necklaces

Citrine necklaces are ideal if you’re looking to keep the stone close to your heart. You can find necklaces with longer chains for a more carefree look that works well with deep necklines and flowy clothing pieces. 

Be conscious of your skin color when choosing a type of necklace. On paler skin, the stone will draw less attention than against darker skin.

Citrine Hair Pieces

Hairpieces are all the rage and will be even more so when we don’t have to worry about keeping our heads under warm hats. Consider a delicate citrine hairpiece with a rustic gold setting for a beautiful vintage look.

Citrine Rings

As our winter gloves come off, our spring rings go on! A citrine ring is a perfect way to add subtly to your outfit. Choosing a gold band will create a more timeless look while a silver band is ideal for something a bit more modern.

Citrine Earrings

Earrings completely change the look of your outfit. Long, dangly earrings set with citrine will draw attention to your face, while a simple pair of citrine studs will keep the look a little more conservative.

Spring will be here before you know it and you need to have your wardrobe, complete with citrine accessories ready!

Now that you’ve got some citrine accessory ideas together, get out there and start finding the perfect pieces to compliment your signature spring look.