Great Home Services to Have in Your Contact List

Posted July 1, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When we strike out on our own and move into our own property, it can be a great milestone in life that denotes our next chapter. This is especially true if you’ve moved from renting to ownership, although of course, the latter implies that now you can’t rest on a landlord or maintenance staff to sort your home repairs out.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure you have a few worthwhile services in your phone’s address book, preferably saved in physical form just in case you have no internet or mobile access at the time. 

After all, the last thing any of us need is to see a problem go from bad to worse, and that can often be the case when home repairs are left unattended to. But where are you supposed to get started in this particular equation? After all, it’s not always easy to realize you need to pay a professional for an annoyance you didn’t want to have in the first place. However, it’s important to realize that actually, these professionals hope to save you money, not deprive you of it:


A good locksmith is a professional you never really think you need, but when you need them, oh boy do you need them. Not only is getting locked out of the house perfectly possible (and likely to happen at least once in your life), but protecting your home with renewed locks, making sure your security is airtight, and ensuring that you can commit to the latest implements, like smart locks around the house if necessary, can be helped by having contact with this kind of professional in your local area.


It’s rare that people want to contact plumbers unless an emergency is taking place, and that’s quite unfortunate. Why is that? Because plumbers, even if focused on solving small issues or assessing the health of your plumbing network before a bathroom renovation, can help you save thousands of dollars in potential damages by enacting solutions now. They can quite literally prevent disaster from striking the internal utilities and framework of your household. For that reason, they are worth their weight in gold, and it’s always best to have at least one or two services in your address book.

Pest Control

A professional exterminator can help your home in an obvious manner, but they can also do that in a manner that prevents a problem from coming back, while dealing with that issue in the most humane manner possible. While it might not seem as though you’ll need pest control services on a frequent basis, you’d be surprised how much more often they can be needed depending on the season, the time of year, local wildlife habits, and where you live. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if you need an immediate response. An exterminator can provide you with that.

With this advice, your contact list will be sure to help you through a fairly unexpected home difficulty.

*Photos by Bruno Cervera