GTI Program—Everything You Need to Know

Posted March 5, 2021 by in Career

A lot of people from around the world are interested in migrating to new countries for jobs and education. There are many opportunities for this, and the global talent independent program is one way not many are aware. The GTI program is intended to prioritise highly skilled people over others to obtain PR in Australia.

It is the department of home affairs’ initiative to show their support to Australia, and they have come up with many schemes. One of them includes the global talent- Employer-sponsored plan for the employees. This article will give an idea of the GTI program and the highlights. 

The global talent independent program offers a unique talent visa with the existing one for a skilled migrant from particular sectors. In this program, GT officers are engaged at various locations in different parts of the world to attract individuals to apply for the program. 

How to Apply?

Although there is a lengthy procedure involved in applying for this program, it is all worth it, considering the endless opportunities after that. To get the invitation for a visa, the potential individual should first contact the department of home affairs and submit an expression of interest (EOI). If the department finds more opportunity in the person, they can apply for the Distinguished Talent Visa with priority in the process. 

On looking deeper into the process of applying, certain documents are necessary to access the positions. They include

  1. The Visa Application
  2. A Nomination
  3. A unique code and identifier that the Home Affairs department provides. 
  4. EOI/ Expression of Interest along with the covering letter and CV

There is a government lodgement fee for the application process. It includes $4,110 for the main application, along with extra for the dependents, if there are any. If the dependent is above 18 years of age, the cost comes to around $2,055 for each. At the same time, the amount is $1,030 each for those below 18 years. That dependent who does not have proficiency over functional English must pay an extra $4,890 when their visa is ready. 

Departments With Potential

The department of home affairs focuses on about 15000 sectors and chooses candidates with potential in them. The first few of those on the high priority list include:

  1. Agriculture- Agri-food and Agri Tech
  2. Health Care
  3. Digital Technology
  4. Education
  5. Economy
  6. Tourism 
  7. Finance and Technology

For the candidates to see if they are eligible for the visa, they should first be sure to fit under the selected sectors insured by the department. They must see to it that they have outstanding achievement in their field, with internationally recognised standards. 

Distinguished Talent Visa

Recently, there have been more changes to the talent visa and its application requirements. The legislation passed a law where the Government eliminated the offshore subclass 124 visas and made significant changes to the onshore subclass visa application. Masters graduates are no longer eligible to be invited for the GTI program, which was not the case earlier. They also need to have international recognition and excellent academic records to be invited. 

The GTI program is a lifetime opportunity to explore international options and positions. However, the application needs to be filled in carefully, and the person must highlight all the reasons why they are the best fit for the country. Many people go wrong here, and therefore, it is always better to have a thorough research in place before venturing into the EOI.

*Photos by Ketut Subiyanto