Guide: Formal Dressing for Men

Posted June 19, 2021 by in Fashion

Dress codes can be very helpful if you need some guidance on what to wear to certain events, but sometimes choosing the perfect outfit is more complex than that. Despite following all the rules, sometimes it becomes challenging to navigate the way towards choosing the best attire.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this and we are here to assist. We have classified types of dress codes like a cocktail, smart attire, casual, business casual, and black tie so you alway end up wearing the appropriate outfit for all of life’s different formal events:

Dress Codes

  1. CASUAL DRESSING:  The casual dress code is the most common type of dress code and most of us are already aware of it. But let’s discuss it briefly. This type of dress code is considered relaxed compared to the other dress codes we will be discussing in this article. There are ways to dress casual while still looking stylish. To do so, invest in some staple pieces that don’t run the risk of becoming “outdated” in just a few seasons. Examples of this include denim jeans and jackets, sneakers, hoodies, sweatshirts, and Vlone shirts. For good coordination, try to adopt basic colors. Also, some accessories can be added. 
  1. SMART & CASUAL DRESSING: It’s important to understand this dress code to choose the right outfit. The correct way to dress for this dress code is to focus on dressing up your casual attire. This can be done by blending up everyday clothes with classy items. It depends on you how perfectly you understand this code. Either you want to dress it in jeans, a t-shirt, chinos, a blazer or a chambray shirt from vlonestuff. Now it’s your choice. But it should be the right combination of smart plus casual. 
  1. BUSINESS CASUAL DRESSING: Some people confuse smart-casual dressing with business casual dressing, but they are entirely different from one another. The key difference between them is that business casual looks professional, with hint of a relaxed vibe. Many times during office work, a formal suit is not required. In this regard, chinos with a sweater or jeans with a blazer go perfectly. Next is choosing a shirt that is perfect to wear at the office. It can be of standard colored or check shirt. Complete it with like monk straps, derby footwear, or brogues.
  1. COCKTAIL APPAREL DRESS CODE: This dress code is for night parties and a suit is a great option . Though, your old work suit can not be worn on this type of occasion. The suit should be more on the modern side. For this, a slim-fit design can be a perfect fit. Further, the color should be dark. Combine your dress with a dress shirt, a pair of dress shoes, and a tie.
  1. SEMI-FORMAL DRESS: It’s difficult to choose semi-formal attire. This look requires a classy look that is sophisticated and contemporary at the same time. For a perfect look, select a suit in a light color like beige color for daytime functions and dark ones for night events like navy blue color. Adding a hoodie and tie is your choice. This dress can be paired up with classy accessories as well.
  1. BLACK TIE: This dress code is used to apply for sophisticated night events such as a wedding or gala. This dress code mandates males to wear dinner suits which are also called Tuxedos. A tuxedo is a shawl-like style having stripes at the sides of the pants. The tuxedo must be of black or white color combined with the white shirt. Pair your dress with men’s neckties black color or any other color which matches with a tuxedo. Dress shoes are a must.