Guidelines on How to Adjust Loose Waist Pants

Posted January 24, 2023 by in Fashion

There are many reasons why one may be forced to adjust their pants. One of the reasons is when you lose weight. Another reason is when you buy pants. And although you might like the particular type or style, the waist might be too huge, meaning the pants will hang loose. Besides, many garment manufacturers seem to add almost two inches to most pants. At least this looks like the industry standard. As a result, most wearers find it hard to find pants that can fit their waist perfectly. The most affected are the in-between sizes. They are forced to wear loose pants or find a qualified tailor to adjust them. However, do you know there are other ways to make your pants waist smaller without necessarily sewing it? Do you want to learn how to take in jeans that are too big?

Sewing involves a lot of work. It involves making changes to the fabric. You can sew new clothes or make some alterations to existing ones. However, sewing isn’t easy. In this case, this is your article. Learn the different hacks on how you can adjust your pants without having to sew. The different ways you can use to make the waist of your pants smaller include the following:

  1. Use heat

This is one of the easy methods one can use to make the waist of your jeans smaller. The process includes the following:

  • Start by turning your jeans inside out. It helps to protect your jeans from wear and tear.
  • Put the jeans in the washing machine. Don’t use softeners or mix them with other clothes.
  • Set the washing machine to the highest temperatures when washing the jeans
  • Remove the jeans from the cleaning machine
  • Put it straight in the dryer and put the machine in the hottest temperatures possible. After drying, try the jeans. They will feel much tighter than before.
  1. Boiling your Jeans
  • Turn the jeans inside out. This is to prevent your jeans from fading. 
  • Find a pot to boil the jeans with. Then add water halfway 
  • Boil the water
  • Then put the jeans in the boiling water for 25 to 30 minutes. 
  • Use tongs to remove the jeans from the boiling water. Lay the jeans flat with the excess water. 
  • Put them in the dryer, set them at high temperatures, and let the jeans dry completely. 
  • Once you try it on, your jeans will feel tighter than before. 
  1. Consider Using a Belt Loop
  • Put on jeans up to the waist level as usual. If the waist is loose, use these steps to adjust the size.
  • Use the belt loop to fasten your jeans. That way, you will effectively adjust the size.
  • Press the loop on your jeans button and secure it over the button. That way, your pants will fit comfortably. This strategy works better if you feel using a belt will interfere with the beauty of your jeans. 

Do you want to know how to take in jeans that are too big? Then reduce their size to fit perfectly. There are other ways. This includes using a rubber band. Just wear your jeans normally. If the jeans are too big, put an elastic band through the jeans’ buttonhole. Tie a knot on the rubber band, then hold it firmly on the pants. You can also adjust the wait using safety pins. 

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