Hacks You Need to Know About DIY Lash Extensions

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Beauty
Makeup artist applying mascara to a bride

There are more than a dozen makeup tricks you can use to make your natural lashes look attractive but if your natural lashes are too short or sparse, no amount of makeup will make a significant difference.

The best alternative that will last for weeks is false eyelashes. They allow you to add more lashes to your natural lashes and make them look longer. If they are applied well, you cannot even notice any difference between your false and natural lashes. To get the work done on DIY, these hacks are important to you.

Woman with purple eyeshadow and long lash extensions

False Lash Extensions Can Last for Weeks

There is no need to worry about redoing your false eyelashes after every few days. With proper care, it’s possible to maintain false eyelashes for weeks and they will still look natural on you. The trick to eyelash extensions’ longevity starts at the time of application. Be certain to clean your natural lashes of dirt and oil and apply conditioning on them sparingly. 

Apply the right amount of glue and press firmly until the lash sticks well in place. You will have overcome the first challenge but there is some work to do daily. Wash your false lashes every morning to remove any dirt or oil that could weaken the glue and limit their time. 

Lash Extensions Are Not Made the Same

Probably you didn’t like the false lash extension you ordered last time and might not have an answer about what could have happened. It is likely you bought the wrong material. Don’t give up trying but this time, be specific on the type of lash you want to be delivered. 

The most popular false lashes are silk lashes, synthetic, and mink. Each type has different varieties with diverse thicknesses, lengths, and colors. Your look on false lashes depends on these factors – lash type, color, thickness, and length. 

If you make your false lashes a little longer, you will get a cat-eye style and if you make them overly long, you will get a showgirl look. If you don’t want to make mistakes with lash extension choice, order your best eyelash extensions from Lilac St., Sweed, or Eyelure. Lash extensions from Lilac St. are ideal for all eye shapes because they are easy to DIY application, are affordable, and can last for weeks when properly cared for. 

Never Rush the Application Process

Beauty is never rushed and the more time you take working on your beauty, the better the results you get. This trick gets more real with the DIY false lashes application. Applying for your lash extensions a few minutes before going out for work or college is not a good idea. It might be better if you choose a weekend or an evening. 

If you are applying for the first time, it is okay to make a few mistakes here and there but get back and correct them before it’s too late. It might pay off better if you spare some time for practice and gain perfection. Learn from your mistakes and make the final process perfect. 

You Will Eventually Need to Remove Your Lash Extensions

When you do your false lash application properly, your eyes will flatter behind those long, pretty lashes but you must take good care of them to maintain that look. Even with the best care daily, your lashes cannot last forever on you. At some point, you will have to remove them. 

During care, some lashes might break off and unlike your natural lashes, they cannot grow. Within a few weeks, you might have false lashes with uneven lengths that take away your pretty look. Your skin constantly produces natural oils to keep it soft and smooth. 

These oils give you a lot of advantages to your skin but to the lash glue, it is bad news. It will soon crack and lose hold to your lashes. Don’t let your lashes remain on you for more than four weeks. Remove them and buy new lashes for another three to four weeks of flattering. 

Remember, a Patch Test is Important

Every woman’s skin is different and for some, their skin is sensitive and allergic. If you are this kind of woman and you have no idea, you might put a patch under your eyelids and it reacts with your skin making you lose your entire natural lashes. A patch test helps determine if your skin is allergic. If the test is positive, false lashes might not be your thing.